Saturday , January 22 2022

The Future Council investigates mystery & # 39; extends human life – لاست دبي


DUBAI, November 11 (WAM) – The increasing age of people is growing rapidly
And the "extraordinary" delays "even aging human are now difficult questions
The community of scientists, experts and researchers to what can be called a "puzzle extends life
Rights ".

The Council reviewed the future of human merger and the extension of human life within council work
Global Future in its third session held in Dubai in a partnership between the government
The UAE and the World Economic Forum, the implications of future developments
In the field of human promotion, and its implications for industry, governments and society
The future.

Participants emphasized the great and fast scientific and technological developments in the region
There is a need for a major change in the health improvement of people involved in the planning of governance models
Innovative solutions that maximize the benefits and take advantage of the solutions that they offer are variable
And to monitor the challenges associated with them and prepare for their development.

The Effects of Future Technologies in the Future
In a related context, the Future Board of Neurosurgery and the Brain have looked at future developments
The field of nuclear technologies, and the expected effects on industry and governments
And society.

Board members emphasized the importance of designing innovative governance models that would achieve recovery
Take advantage of these techniques, and monitor associated risks continuously
And proactive to meet any challenges raised in a timely manner.

The Council has tackled the impact of technological developments on different sectors,
And its implications for governments and communities, and reviews a number of models
New innovation, and future solutions related to this area
Scientific research.

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