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The first Arab-first summit starts Sunday in Sharm El-Sheikh with wide participation

Today Today: The first Arab summit will begin its work on Sunday in Sharm el-Sheikh with wide participation

The first European-Arab summit is held in Sharm El-Sheikh on Sunday, with the presence of a high level of kings, heads of state, governments and ministers from 50 countries. The United Arab Emirates and European Union count on the two-day summit to promote and improve co-operation at both levels. As well as coordinating jobs on political and security issues, especially Palestine's question, and illegal migration, which is of great interest to many EU countries.

The summit agenda will include important security issues and will also discuss the situation in Syria and Libya, led by the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President of the European Council, Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission, Jean -Claude Juncker.

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Ambassador Hossam Zaki, Assistant General Secretary of the Arab League of Arab States stressed that the European-Arab Summit is a rare area for open dialogue of leaders on all issues of joint concern. He added that the Summit was an important opportunity to work at the high level of dialogue and understanding between the two countries. On both sides of issues of common concern, explaining that the summit is unusual in the nature of its work and covers all the important issues.

In terms of the nature of the document that was published by the summit, Zaki said: "No papers have been prepared in advance, but will be based on the resulting consensus recording of the joint debate, and the publication of a statement that translates the nature of the work and joint action. On the theme of the "Investing in Stability" Summit, Zaki said: " European and Arabic choice, and agreed. There is a slogan that everyone is trying to translate on the ground. "

The Assistant General Secretary of the Arab League of Arab States said: "There is a meeting of the group that is interested in the defense of peace and prejudices towards the solution of two states. The aim is to form a nucleus of those who are" ; Believe in the answer, Peace, comprehensive and peace in the region ".

On the Sharm el-Sheikh summit agenda, Ambassador Hossam Zaki confirmed that he will begin the arrival of the participants who take part on Saturday and Sunday. The opening session is attended by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the President of the European Union. The second is to hold a closed wordless dialogue session or pre-prepared papers, but to present ideas to each speaker, followed by a full session and statements. He noted that the summit agenda included files against terrorism, illegal immigration, organized transnational crime, as well as files of disputes and the Palestinian issue.

For his part, Ambassador Mohammed Sobeih, Secretary of the National Palestinian Council, said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen will take part in the summit, adding to the "Middle East" that the summit is very important to Egypt and Arab countries, through a dialogue of understanding of many of the complexities This has long established stability of the region.

Sobeih stressed that the process of assembling the Egyptian summit is a great boost for the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the Arab countries because of the role and role of Egypt in dealing with the challenges of terrorism and construction. Note that this European-Arab collection enjoys great benefits, including the existence of energy, oil and gas among the Arabians, Technology and a strong economy in cooperation with European countries, emphasizing that EU countries will adopt a two-state solution, and East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State.

The main conference hall in Sharm El Sheikh will be holding the summit, which includes its Sunday program, reception of guests and the opening ceremony of the summit about 5 pm. Cairo Time The summit's full full session is held at 8:00 pm, the Euro-Arab Partnership and tackle global challenges with each other. "

According to the second day agenda for the summit on Monday, the participants will discuss the common regional challenges in a closed session at 10am, followed by a debate in the second session to strengthen the Euro-Arab partnership and go tackle global challenges with each other, and a press conference on end-of-day effectiveness Secondly.

Five rounds were held on the first summit at the level of ministry between the two sides. He started in Malta in 2008, Cairo held the second meeting in 2012 and the third meeting was held in Athens in 2014. In 2016 in Cairo, the fourth meeting decided to hold a summit at the level of leaders of the Arab and European Union University. Earlier this month, Brussels held a preparatory meeting to prepare for the summit.

The EU says it has been working since 2012 to support the construction of the Arabic League capacity building project. He confirmed that he had helped 4.4 million euros to fund the preparation of the Arab State League emergency room.

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Today Today: The first Arab summit will begin its work on Sunday in Sharm el-Sheikh with wide participation

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