Friday , August 19 2022

The film "We" delivers 70 million returns on the first weekend of its North American show


"Web", the second film by the American director Jordan Bell, won $ 70 million of revenue on the first weekend of his 3741 showroom in North America.

"Web" became the second best selling film this year after Disney "Captain Marvel", who accumulated $ 153 million at the end of the first week.

The "Web" film turns around a family facing a group of people who are so close together as if they were cloned.

"Web" is the horror movie with the highest opening revenue, surpassing the film "A Quiet Place". It also performed better than the opening revenue of "Get Out" by Bill I, which grossed $ 33 million in its opening in 2017.

Total production costs "us" was $ 20 million. The film began to gain fame since it was premiered at the South South Southwest Festival.

The film includes Lobita Nyongo and Winston Duke, who plays couple roles trying to defend themselves and their children against a group of clones.

The Marvell Capitals came second, adding revenue of $ 34 million to its revenue $ 320 million since the start of the show.

Paramount "Wonder Park" came third, with revenue of $ 9 million.

The fourth place in the film "Five Feet" was the fourth. The film revolves around a boy and a girl who fall in love because they are treated for chronic illness in the hospital .- (BBC)

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