Friday , August 19 2022

The emerging markets lose momentum this week with their debts, stocks … and currency


Bank of America Merrill Lynch experts said Friday that the emerging market debt and equity currency has reduced this week, based on EFR data.

Based on this data, emerging stock stocks have risen sharply since the end of 2018 and have attracted $ 18 billion inflows since the beginning of 2019. But in the week ending 20 February, emerging market equity funds are posting $ 500 million in inflows, Debting a market of $ 39 million .

In general, flow shows increasing risk conflicts by investors who face a slow world economy and important trade talks ending in their fourth round in Washington today between the United States and China, as well as lower earnings expectations.

The same experts noted that bond funds attracted $ 4.6 billion in flows, while equity funds have lost $ 12.7 billion in flows, while data shows that US equity funds suffer from flow flow for the Twenty-second consecutive weeks as investors deduct $ 4.3 billion from the region.

Pessimistic forecasts for money

The new data adds another bad factor to uncommon disregard for market money coming to the expiration until the end of the second quarter of this year, with the exception of single currency pressures, the Polish zloty expected to do earnings, according to the Bloomberg report published by The New Arab on Wednesday. .

According to the Bloomberg data, Argentina's weight loss is expected to be losing in the second quarter with a 10.7% decline, against the decline of Turkish lira more than 8%, the Thai baht 6.1%, the Philippin servant 4.7% , the Mexican press 4.2% and Malaysian magazine 3.8%, Rupiah Indonesia 3.7%, and Taiwan dollar 3.3%.

In addition, the agency's forecasts show that 3.22% are renminbi Chinese, the Czech Republic 2.83%, Brazilian Real 2.78%, Chile Peso 2.62%, Hong Kong 2.6% Dollar, Russia 2.5% Ruble, Singapore Dollar 2.38%, Peru 2.34%, Korean Won 2.33%, Indian Rupee 2.31%, Hungarian Forint 1.82%, South African Rand 1.55%, Colombian Peso 1.5%.

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