Friday , May 27 2022

The Egyptian broadcaster and the Fox … what is the “real” reason for the crisis?


The episode sparked audience anger from social networking sites, and some called for the Egyptian broadcaster to stop, after she covered a hunting trip targeting wild animals in a desert area of ​​Egypt, mostly foxes and wolves.

As a result of the “social media” audience’s anger, An-Nahar’s channel issued a statement apologizing to viewers for the episode’s content, and stating that the episode had been removed from its accounts on various social media platforms..

Not the first time

For his part, media expert, Dr. Yasser Abdel Aziz, says that Reham Saeed’s episode violates the media’s code of honor, describing the broadcaster’s defense of itself as “faded,” adding that it is not permissible for a journalist to film an episode without knowing the extent of its legitimacy, as Reham Saeed said it was. She did not know that the journey she was covering was illegal.

In statements exclusive to “Sky News Arabia”, Abdel Aziz explained that the Supreme Media Council should allow the media and the party associated with it to be held liable in the event of a professional error, considering that the episode is a clear advocate of unlawful behavior, and this goes against professional standards, emphasizing that there is a bias. Deal with care with content that deals with animal or environmental topics.

And he went on: Reham Saeed’s media history has many professional errors, as happened in more than one event, such as “The Mall Girl” and “The Atheist Girl” episodes, and she is constantly getting upset debate to increase viewership rates..

Government action

Environment Minister, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, on the ministry’s official Facebook page that Reham Saeed made several mistakes during the episode, as Saeed did not obtain the necessary permits to photograph a hunting expedition for wild animals and wild animal hunting..

The episode also delivered a false and unprofessional message to promote illegal acts and behaviors by using prohibited hunting tools and methods because they cause harm to animals, which the Minister considered clearly violating animal welfare laws and practices..

Egyptian Act

Egyptian law clearly criminalises such trips, as Article (28) of Environmental Law No. 9 of 2009 states that “it is forbidden in any way to do any of the following acts: hunt, kill or capture, possess, transport or export birds, wild animals and aquatic organisms. Or import or trade in them, alive or dead, in whole or in their parts or derivatives, or doing acts that destroy their natural habitats, alter their natural properties or habitats, destroy their dens, or destroying their eggs or products. “

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