Sunday , October 17 2021

The draw draws the first half between Zamalek and El Gouna

The picture came in the first half of the game between Zamalek and El Gouna, which is currently held at Petrosport in the 16th week of the Egyptian league competition.

Zamalek started the game by forming an element of:

Gollers: Mahmoud Jensh

Protective line: Hamdi Al-Nakaz, Mohammed Abdel Salam, Mahmoud Alaa and Abdullah Gomaa

Mid: Farjani Sassi, Tariq Hamed, Mahmoud Karka, Ibrahim Hassan, Joseph Obama

Offensive: Kasongo

While the Gouna starts with the meeting by forming an element of:

Golfer: Omar Radwan

Defense line: Joseph Anjouim, Ahmed Said «Oka», Louay Wael, Ahmed Ali

Closed referees: Ahmed El-Shennawi, Mostafa Gaber, Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Nadi, Fadi Farid Offensive: Shiktarra

With the second minute, Ibrahim Noureddine, the referee of the game, the first yellow cards in the face of the player, Mustafa Jaber to intervene violently with one of Zamalek players.

The player continues to show the red eye since the first few minutes with a 4 minute suspension and go to Goneah for Hisham Zakaria to ask him not to oppose after he expressed his anger that Noureddine did not score a free kick to & # 39; w team is one of the joint balls.

Kasungo is in a serious assault for El Gouna for 7 minutes after passing the ball by mistake to Shikatara to launch the final towards Zamalek's goal, but the ball is in the hands of Jensh.

Zamalek was not an abusive style during the first ten minutes, with serious attacks completely absent from El Gouna's goal after the restrictive game to pass cooperatively between the players in the middle field.

The midfielder sends warning to player Ahmed Magdy 15 minutes after falling in the penalty area without interruption from one and asked him not to repeat the matter or not to have a yellow card.

Event events revealed that El Gouna's directors were instructed to start in defensive areas, depending on Shikatara's anti-assaults and speeds, but there were long players of the coastal team for Zamalek players.

First record of the first 21 shots of Zamalek towards El Gouna's goal by Ferjani Sassi, but easy to reach Omar Radwan's hands.

And he tries to turn out to oppose conservative Al-Gouna in the 23 minutes with a powerful shot but Omar Radwan is going to tackle it.

And the 26 minutes of the most serious attacks of the game after a shot from Ahmed Magdy towards Zamalek's goal, which tackles Jnsh's difficulty and then hit the ball to the pole and loses the first goals of the coastal team.

Al-Kahraba banned an amazing and amazing opportunity in the 32 minutes after he was separated by Omar Radwan but he gave the ball a very ugly out of the goal.

Fergany Sassi is trying to scratch the scorer Omar Radwan, El Gouna, with a powerful shot 37 minutes but the ball passes the left post.

Abdullah Gomaa opened the 40-minute scoring 40 minutes and scored Zamalek's first goal after a rocket shot, but the next ball passed to the correct post for El Gouna.

The last minute from the first half of the Zamalek players' destination to pay a long attempt to try to register the goal of the El Gouna players, but the white shots did not succeed in penetrating the coast team's nets.

The player calculates two minutes in time rather than hardship and Kasuno recorded the goal of Zamalek after his absence on the El Gouna field, but the ball is weak in the hands of Omar Radwan to end draw a first picture

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