Tuesday , August 16 2022

The danger of “soft” Turkish penetration in the Arab world


The “soft” cultural penetration is one of the most important tools that Turkey relies on in implementing its policy of expansion towards the Arab world, by adopting a clear strategy for soft power that, on the surface, aims to prepare Arab peoples to accept Turkey’s culture and Turkish values ​​system, but in fact seeks to promote its policies and defend. His views on the various issues and crises of the region.
Over the past decade, Turkey has adopted a gradual strategy of “soft” cultural penetration in the Arab countries, which began with a play that promoted Turkish culture and values ​​in order to attract a wide range of Arab youth, and then turned this play later to focus on the historical and military aspects that glorify history The Turkish Empire promotes the revival of the Ottoman Caliphate, as it provides a spiritual or cultural basis for the Arab world to accept the “new Ottomanism” that the Recep regime began Tayyip Erdogan implemented it on the ground in the past few years. Observers of Turkish historical drama clearly point out how it aims to promote a set of messages prepared with great care and mastery, including but not limited to, for example, “Turkey is the world leader Islamic, ”and is” the first defender of Islamic causes. ” The “Artagarl Resurrection” series that deals with the biography Suleiman Shah’s “Ertugrul” bin, father of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire, watched by millions in the Arab world, is nothing but an attempt to promote the unity of the Islamic world around a charismatic leader, which is why it was no surprise that this series won the admiration of Erdogan, who tries to portray himself. That he is “Artgrel” this time, and that he is “this expected leader” responsible for unifying the Islamic world.
Turkey’s policy of soft penetration in the Arab world also relies on the establishment of a number of media platforms in the Arabic language, including the “trt” channel, which expresses Turkish culture in various fields, such as art, science and politics, and its transfer to the Arab world. Offices for this channel have been opened in several countries. Arabic. Turkey also pays attention to strengthening cultural and media partnerships with the Arab world, by providing support to some societies active in this field, including the Turkish Association for Arab Science, Culture and Arts, based in Turkey. the Turkish capital of Ankara, and which works to strengthen cultural cooperation relations. With the Arab world.
This soft cultural penetration in the Arab world, which can be described as a “soft war”, appears on its face to be an expression of Turkey’s “soft power”, but in reality it is no different to its direct military intervention in many Arab countries, because it aims to change peoples’ culture. And make him accept Turkish policies and defend them even if they restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire, which is based on annexing parts of the Arab countries and seizing their wealth. It is not an exaggeration to say in this context that it was a “soft penetration” policy that paved the way for Turkey to intervene in Arab world affairs in this obvious way that does not respect the principles of neighborhood right or national sovereignty of Arab countries, but rather acting – like the former colonial states – as an imperial power seeking. Impose its will on the Arab world, and seize its capabilities, by imposing a fait accompli on the areas where it is located militarily, as is the case in northern Syria or in the Kurdistan region of Iraq or Libya, or ‘ r those seeking to strengthen their influence in it in the future, especially countries. The “Brotherhood” group is active in it, as an attempt to revive the political Islam project again in the region.
If the Arab countries should realize the gravity of Turkey’s expansion project, and begin to adopt clear positions for their interventions towards crisis areas in the Arab world, the cultural penetration policy also needs to be simultaneously addressed “soft” adopted by the Erdogan regime, aimed at penetrating Arab societies and influencing their cultural identity, This challenge is no less dangerous than military intervention, because it is linked to the collective consciousness of the Arab people. It is no longer acceptable to continue to show many Turkish series on Arabic satellite channels around the clock at a time when Turkey continues to execute its historical ambitions in the Arab world. By firing conflict fires and supporting extremist groups and terrorism, to demolish the foundations of the national state in many Arab countries, and start from them to revive the “new Ottomanism.”

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