Thursday , June 30 2022

Tesla is named after Elon Mask


Tesla has appointed a new board chairman, an experienced consultant from Telstra, Australia, named Robin Dinholm, who will succeed Elon Mask.

Although Masak has resigned as chairman, he will continue to be CEO. Masque was forced to step down after the US government accused him of "fraud."

The dilemma began when Mask announced its intention to give more Tesla shares for sale, resulting in a significant increase in price and stock value. Immediately after leaving Mask its previous plan, urging US authorities to intervene, accused them of misleading investors.

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Based on the above, the US government set a $ 20 million fine on both Tesla and Mascus.

The recent acts of Massek have also triggered protests by investors, encouraging stronger vigor of Musk control style, especially after a video of Marijuana being smoked.

The singer recently announced his first annual profit since its inception, while named in the name "historical" earnings.

Source: BBC News

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