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Surprise for “Maradona’s will” … and the children who are being deprived of inheritance


Eight Maradona children will share the wealth he left, but this will go through a long series of procedures given that there were “potential disagreements” between the heirs, which the late father had.

Sources close to his family noted that Maradona did not leave a will, indicating the possibility of legal disputes between the heirs.

Expectations indicate that Maradona may have recommended “in secret” to deprive some of his children of the inheritance, as he had threatened to do so more than once before, as happened in 2019, when it aired a message threatening to leave his family without a legacy, the “MP” newspaper reported. “Spanish.

Maradona said at the time: “I know now that as you get older, they are more concerned with what you are leaving, and I tell everyone that I will not leave anything to them, and that I’ll give it. ”

According to Argentine law, the deceased’s children and wives receive two-thirds of his inheritance, knowing that he cannot deprive them of it other than to state one-fifth of the financial assets in a will.

A legendary fortune

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Maradona has earned tens of millions of dollars thanks to sponsorship contracts for several brands.

Despite this, the site said Maradona owned only nearly half a million dollars at the time of his death.

The website highlighted that Maradona had left other assets, including luxury cars, along with property rights to its photos, and its brand name.

Legal proceedings relating to Maradona’s assets had begun before his death, and in 2015, legal proceedings began against his ex-wife, Claudia Villavini, for fraud and robbery of 458 career-related items, including shirts and memorabilia .

A report by the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” had noted that despite the huge sums of money Maradona received from promoting many brands, in addition to nearly $ 20 million annually through being honorary president of Dynamo Brest in Belarus , and oversaw the Training of several clubs, but died, leaving less than $ 100,000 in his bank balance.

The Italian newspaper quoted the journalist Luis Ventura, who is close to Maradona, as saying that the late man did not leave a large sum, stating that he “died in poverty.”

Ventura explained that Maradona was a generous person, the secret of not leaving him a fortune after his death, as many had taken advantage of this ability to get money from him.

For his part, Maradona’s lawyer, Angelo Pisani, noted that the Argentinian football star had generously spent on the lifestyle he lived, and was very generous, adding: “If you want to know the fate of Maradona’s money, talk to the people who surrounded him and took advantage of him. He had nothing more than in his pocket. ” 100 euros, “according to the British newspaper” Daily Mail “.

According to the “Corriere della Sera”, Maradona owns land and real estate, including a building and apartments in the heart of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, as well as 6 luxury cars, investments in Cuba and Italy, ball schools in China, along with rights to personal photos that will remain active until his death.

According to the Italian newspaper, Maradona’s cashless legacy of assets, which he left, is estimated at around $ 200 million.

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