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Summary of the sixth-day events of the 40th session of the Cairo Film Festival. The question is repeated with the "toxic response" and the apology of President Yasmin | Engi Samir

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Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – 10:21 Last updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – 10:21

Sixth day of the 40th session of the Cairo Film Festival had seen a number of different events, ranging from film shows to seminars. will give you the following highlights on Monday (November 26th) at the Cairo Film Festival, whose current producer and editor Mohamed Hafezee will be leading.

– Tickets for the Egyptian "Samoum Ward" tickets were fully implemented before the show, and many of the public were trying to get tickets but they did not succeed.

But the inconsistency between the tickets and the production company bought a large number of tickets to host, and the festival guests asked why the show is not being held in the big theater like the rest of the other Egyptian films, who responded to Ahmed Shawqi, Deputy Director, that all the cinema competition offers The Arabic Theater is held in the small theater in screening shadow and international competition at the Grand Theater.
The incredible thing is that, despite the announcement of the sale of all the small theater halls, which consist of about 650 seats, there were some empty seats, which painted a number of question marks, especially as it is repeated with more than one show, how tickets are sold in full Are there free places?

After poisoning

– Roshanak Bihisht Nidzhad's "Creative Role of Product, Even in Finance and Budget" was presented by a lecture, and in the first instance, the expert Roshanak asked a question about who the producer is and whether it is & Finances? Is the Defender of Art Fever? Certainly, the producer should not have the money too. He has his own management, and must start arranging his work until he achieves his desired goal.

In order to succeed, the producer must share the cost of producing, dismantling small numbers, preparing the topic, buying rights, paying authors, directors and consultants to produce the initial version. The role of the consultant is important in the preparation process. If movie events take place in Berlin in 1984, Comment and consider how life and streets were in Berlin right now? We have to listen to the views of all the experts and we are talking about the preparation period and then we'll talk about a photography place.

Ms. explained Roshanak the difference between the distributor and agent and the length of purchase of film rights in the Arab region or internationally. He said the agent was given global rights for the film for five to twenty years, while the distributor was given the right to show the film for a fixed period within the territory As the Middle East region. Here, there is a difference between distribution costs in Egypt and the Middle East for Tunisia and Morocco, which takes place in Germany and other countries.

As a member of the German Academy film that left the Arabian producer for the family and children for the cinema and drama drama, America did not give children a story or an attractive idea to do. harm their products, and some Turkish and Russian work is initially known to arrive at the family and the Arabian child and some attended, Arab producers have not done what they see to & # 39; w families so far, although they have children and they know what they are caring for and prioritizing.

– A press conference was held in the presence of committee members judging Al-Ghad Cinema Competition, Judge Week, International Arbitration Committee and Behavior Criticist Ahmed Shawki. Each committee reviewed the main minutes of the main competition and films presented for 15 minutes.

The conference began with the progress of the committee members to criticize the programmed and German university professor, Cathy de Han, director of Algeria and scriptwriter Karim Moussaoui, who apologized for the presence of the artist Yasmin Nasir.

Kathy De Hann, festival director, thanked the president of the festival and his team for their efforts at the festival. He praised the role of critic Andrew Mohsen, director of Cinema Yfory's program, and has good choices for the films that take part in the competition. , And this is a carnival that attracts the attention of film makers in the whole world, stating that he has enjoyed watching a large number of films from Africa and the Arab world. The film was directed by Hala Khalil, and "No One Is There" film by Ahmed Magdy B Week of International Judges.

Moussaoui said he was happy to see his first visit to Egypt where he considered that the "Cairo Film Festival" is the address of every Arabic holiday and his participation as a jury member of one of the most. for most important competitions. He said the film selection committee had a lot of information and achieved a diverse program of cultures and issues "" He said.

Members of the Judges Week judges panel, including Ahmed Hassan, director of the Festival of the Tetouan, criticized the American critic Emmy Nicholson, director and editor Mohammed Hammad, the stand.

Judge Ahmed Hassan, a member of the judging committee, thanked Osama's adjudicator Abdel Fattah, director of Judge Week competition for his confidence in his selection to the judging committee. He also praised the good choices and films that took part in the competition.

Scriptor Mohamed Hammad said that whoever chooses critics of the Egyptian competition films, most of them be first or second of the industry, and his vision in the evaluation confirmed that its focus on the vision or the different vision as well as the treatment of the story or topic, and the size of its transfer honestly to the viewer.

American Critic Emmy Nicholson said the Judges Week competition included an excellent selection of films, explaining that she is responsible for making a film at the Sundance America Film Festival before her professional writing, and has a significant experience in this area .

The members of the Filriwm of international competition, led by film producer Danish Bill Augustus, Filipino director Bryanti Mendoza, the Chinese artist Zafar El Abidine, Italian director Francesco Monzi, director of Hala Khalil, producer and director of Argentina Juan Vera, Belgian actor, Natasha Renier and Lebanese actor Ben Abboud and actor Kazakh Samal Yaselyamova.

He said he was proud of his presence at the Cairo Film Festival and he always welcomed any opportunity to watch movies. Juan Vera said the course involved many important films and this is the first time he had attended the festival and enjoyed watching movies. He emphasized that this is the most important festival in the region. Where's free.

In his speech, Zafer Abdeen emphasized he had a special relationship in Cairo. He said that giving him the opportunity to take part in the international competition jury is an important opportunity, as he watches films from different countries and languages.

Zafer El Abidine

Director Hala Khalil explained that she was the first time she had been a member of the international competition and being a member of the Arabian jury over a year ago. He thanked the committee's trust in choosing to take a tour around the world, an opportunity to learn and watch the largest number of films and learn more about cinema and benefit from the experience of the director of Bill August.

Members of the jury of the Arab Film Horizons Competition, the director of Abu Bakr Shawki, the Uruguayan Aisha Ben Ahmed, the Palestinians Mohammed Qabalawi, as well as the Arabian jury Aiten Amine, Klaus Eder, Tunisian Nadim Cheikh Rouh, for their participation in the mediation program for films that take part in competitions.

– The movie "The State against Mandela and Others", which is about Nelson Mandela's centenary birth, which was the focus of the world's attention through its historical test in 1964 and 1963, but it was another eight were facing the penalty and they were also the subject of questioning, but without exception they stood and accepted the situation. End the heels with the state, and put apartheid in South Africa in the doc.

Film director Nicolas Shambou said the film had been preparing for two years and began filming in 2017 after hard preparations, and it was difficult for producers to agree to produce the "state against film" Mandela and others "with older personality, emphasizing that any person's death will affect The film, he explained, before preparing the movie, he had to listen to hundreds of recordings of the test because of the idea of ​​& # 39; The movie has to base it.

He confirmed how to convince him to appear in the film that he had been with them for 15 years, and convinced the idea of ​​recording the film in 2017, adding that he used the "art of turning" because he likes to reflect ideas such as splitting black lambs during the trial in some pictures such as setting the expressive Prevent line.

A talk was held with Alberto Barbera, Director of the Venice Festival at Theatr Hanager. In his speech, conducted by American critic Guy Weissberg, he emphasized that traditional cinemas markets are beginning to contract and everyone is very aware of the problem of the size of a low audience. This is because movies are available online, it's easy and convenient to choose the movie from many options that are much cheaper, and all in your home, he says.

"I believe that the showrooms could disappear, so I have to change their way of showing," he said.

Venice's director said the number of films participating in the new festival session is limited and does not care for the number but who are interested in the content of the films. He added that the program of the new session will contain many parallel programs where the movie is possible to 6 movies per day Most of the world's holidays and the idea of ​​& # 39: I'm interested in Hollywood movies, Donna Albert, that this is not the case but Hollywood coverage is the one that gives him an attendance without other films.

– A panel discussion of the "Stronger Production Alliance between the Arab and European World" was held.

The film was screened in front of the movie makers, Mahmoud Hamida and Iman's son, Koki and Ibrahim Al-Najari were among the film makers. The film was directed by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh and producer Safi El-Din Mahmoud. He was eager to watch the work alongside the work of Elham Shaheen, Lablba, Tarek El-Shennawi, Boussi Shalaby, Mohamed El-Adel, Khaled Abdel Galil, Sandra and Omar and President Yasmin and Ahmed al-Fishawi and Ahmed Daoud.

After the end of the film, a seminar was held for the industry where Mahmoud Hamida emphasized that the project had been supported by several quarters because it was new in its visual language and therefore decided to take part in its production to be later in its project , his first film, "Hayat Hay", stating that the script had to adjust 4 times and the duration of preparations for more than 18 months and for it is considered a different experience, adding that the Rome festival has chosen 7 projects, including "toxic response".

Ahmed Fawzi Saleh said the work was taken from a Ahmed Zaghloul al-Shatti novel called "Toxic Poisoning to Falcon". He explained that the location of the photograph was difficult and he needed big hardship in the cadets and chambers, because his characters lived in the neighborhood of tanneries and their lives are strict.

He explained that the relationship between the sister and brother in the film was implemented in an indispensable way and is intended to be presented intentionally to present it in a mysterious way reflecting the male culture common.

Reef Wines

– Red carpet was shown to show "White Crow" in the big theater in the presence of the workers.

Reif Vines expressed his happiness with the prize, especially as he was a great artist name as Faten Hamama, and he attended a number of famous Egyptian words.

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