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Spanish Trainer: Football was not fair with us


ZAGREB (Reuters) – Luc Enrique, Spanish coach, said football was not fair with a team after leaving a 3-2 3-year-off Croatia to face the risk of not arriving UEFA Champions League final rounds.

Spain has been Luc Enrique's coach during the game against Croatia in the European Nations Cup on Thursday. Photo: Marco Djorica

Two delays came to the World Cup in the second half as Dani Sebaeus equaled after Andrei Karamaric led the lead and Sergio Ramos was equal to a penalty after Tenni led 2-1 to Croatia.

There was no chance when the left left made 3-2 in the stopping time.

"We do a lot of opportunities and in some of them, it seems impossible that the ball would not go into the ball and hit us on the bar and football was not fair with us, "said Luis Enrique at a news conference.

"At the beginning of the competition we made a mistake and the second goal after lunch was free and Croatia was fortunate in the end. We deserved more in the second half and certainly the penalty was not worth but it's soccer and we have to accept it. "

Spain's results have worsened since they reached Croatia 6-0 in September and beat England.

The final of the new tournament has been suspended by yarns after defeating 3-2 from England and losing in Zagreb.

Spain is still on top of Group 4 with six points of four games and to qualify for the semifinals, England must tie to Croatia in their last group group on Sunday.

Luis Enrique seems uncertain about the qualification of the team and focusing on the Ewro 2020 qualifiers.

"I would like to qualify for the semifinals, but our most important goal is the European Championship.

"We knew we were playing against two of the best teams in the world but I do not worry about my team. I can see things we have to do. developed, but I believe that the result (against Croatia) is very unfair. "

Croatia has scored one point in their first two league games and seems to have suffered since they reached the year's World Cup final.

But Edvai's goal is late for the win at Wembley Stadium over England, who lost 2-1 to Croatia before the World Cup final, qualifying for the final.

Croatia Zlatko Dalic coach said: "I'm sure we have something that will win us for England. The best in the new form of the team has not come to & # 39 ; r again. "

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