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South of the mountains


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The situation in the south seems to have structured in a political, economic, military, and security situation. The most important situation is shown by the brothers in the region and through the countries of some of the world's countries towards the overwhelming south, which falls to the waves and storms fall and fragmenting personal and personal interests, Under a British assault with full independence and full of pillars and post-129-year occupation frameworks, he introduced the south of his most dignified man in the revolution march and on relief and independence routes until he reached the state of a young republic Yemen De In order to protect the privacy of its entity and combine in the minds of southern people and sister of the Arab Republic of Yemeni its southern personality and weaving yarn diplomatic relations and trade cooperation with the free capitalist world, even though it is on a small scale at the time when the Cold War was based on the situation in the south and after the Russians entered the military and military rivalry line with America and, the neighbors and within conditions set & # 39 ; The benefits in the region and its effects based on the remains of the Arab and Islamic people in the Arab, African and Asian world and the politically and economically agreed department for the benefits of the Third World back This name The conspiracy was divided regionally and internationally not to invest these resources and take advantage of the social and cultural conditions of the people of the South at the time and worked to expand the extent of deprivation and the oppression and feelings the Arab systems hide and increase the mood Where they devote their influence to lift their stick against everyone and have marginalized and excluded everyone who came into the cemetery of British colonialism, French and Italian and after World War II there was a formal and real division of the Arab and African nation and As a balance between capitalism and society.

The days have gone where some of these people have tried to look for exits and paths and actions to restore the sovereign decision and declare civil disputes and deny Britain's presence in the south land, followed by revolutions and took another curve where it was polarizing and sharing common interests again between the poles in the world and the United Nations decision was issued, which recognized the self-determination of people under the supervision of colonialism of any kind, though & Those decisions that accompany the Seionig enemy serve many incredible issues, including the issue of the main Palestinian Arabs.

But after the release of the most important Arab countries in the Arabian Egyptian Egyptian Arabian Arabian turtles moved to change the situation The latest Qatar announced the republican regime of North Yemen, which is the reason to expire 1967 to Egypt Despite & The congestion of these Arab revolutions, but was preparing the way to release its people, An interesting story in the context of the time the Israeli enemy aircraft bombed the military airports of the Egypt in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula during the year left in 1967. At this particular time, the rebels of De Asahus were destroying the British pillar of south-east land and the capital of Aden. The regional and international alliances and their intelligence equipment drew their ropes on the glorious ecstasy of the revolution in the south. These traditional hosts helped to prevent the revolutionary progression projects, destroy the hopes and aspirations, broke the rules of ambition and perceptions of a changing political reality that regained imamatic control under the banner of the Arab Republic of Yemen and & # 39; r De There is a new reform of parasitic parasitic order with an oriental orientation that was unfortunately or had planned to establish a stable state system and rules with high objectives had been revised. The evidence is that the condition of the conflict is open, where bloody circles were lost, the martyrs, those who were injured and those that were replaced, were destroyed, the infrastructure was destroyed, the bonds and dignified values ​​were dropped. The south began to be uneven unity to unity between the first two orders under the socialist world order. Following the following capital system, the second was present. Each of the cracks and cracks led to the past to the demo to a dangerous angle. A number of important issues and incredible issues related to the sense of sophisticated and sensitive southern people were taken, but what was useful. After sweeping.

And indeed the South without the South and will continue to be governed by the Oqad and pastoral, regional, family and factors, we ask God to go out of this narrow distress in peace and success and repay and sweetheart to harmony

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