Sunday , August 14 2022

Soon .. Huawei offers a phone with specifications and competitors price


Huawei is expected to announce a phone with a camera of the name P Smart Z in the next period.

The new phone will come with Kirin 710 processor core, and it will run on the Android Android EMUI system.

The screen will bring a full HD resolution of 6.59 from 1080 * 1080 pixels and pixels 9: 19.5. The camera screen will have 16 megapixel with face recognition, while the rear camera will be double, with 16 megapixel and 2 Megapixel camera.

The back of the phone will have a fingerprint reader and a USB Type C port, while the battery capacity will reach 4000 mA.

The internal memory of the phone will reach 64 GB with the possibility of installing memory card size up to 512 GB, while phone memory size is 4 GB.

It is worth noting that the Chinese company will put the new phone in the market at a price of 279 euros.

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