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Skin highlight … Another way of diagnosing diabetes and heart disease


Skin highlight … Another way of diagnosing diabetes and heart disease

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A scientific study has detected a modern way to diagnose type 2 and heart disease diabetes by simply breaking light on the skin.
Scientists said that the presence of high levels of protein-specific proteins was associated with increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, according to a report published by the «Daily Mail» British website.
Proteins of the IgE name are associated with high blood sugar, arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.
These proteins can resist the "fluorescent" light when specific light is cast on the skin, which may be the place of blood sampling to detect diabetes and heart disease.
In the first type of study, researchers from the Groningen University in the Netherlands analyzed data of 72,000 and 880 participants, because they were completely healthy.
The team looked at IgE proteins that form when proteins or fat combine with molecules.
The researchers performed this step by shaking light on a small square of skin in the participants.
The participants later reported any heart disease or diabetes diagnosis, and researchers also collected the number of deaths of these diseases through local databases.
After about 4 years, 1,056 participants developed type 2 diabetes, while 1,258 were diagnosed with heart disease and 928 died.
The results showed that people with high levels of skin IgE proteins are at the beginning of the study, including diabetes and heart rates, and even early death.
Researchers believe that the rapid nature and lack of the test means that it can be done "in public places, such as shops or pharmacies."

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