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Series of the Artegirl Resurrection Chapter 122 Series, translated into Season 5 Arabic on the light and channel TRT 1 website


The Artegrel resurrection series will be completed this week through the fifth season events, which starts with No. 122, being broadcast Turkish series Resurrection Argerel Wednesday every week in Turkey, and also on many different satellite channels, such as the Turkish TRT channel, the Al-Sharq TV channel and the Al-Sharq channel. Due to its widespread public success, Noor translates the periods into Arabic, Every week, you will see all the previous episodes in the Al Noor Artagarl archive. This series is one of the highest Turkish serials ever seen. There is an historical series that tells us events about the history of the Ottoman Empire during the 13th century. Antioch of the Anatolia Am region that is located between Asia and Europe.

Where he presents a story about the fight of the Ottoman leader "Artgirl bin Sulaiman Shah" against the attacks of the Crusaders, Mongols and Romans, which focused on the time period on the pillar of the Islamic state at that time, and to give Osman Ibn Artgrel's son, who will then take the battle and establish the empire of the Islamic Caliphate, From the beginning of Chapter 122 of the Artagaral resurrection, a new phase will start 15 years after last season , which is the end of Osman's reign, the founder of the Old Ottoman State, and the death of Sultan Halima, who was influenced by his status. Through the light of Artagrill 122.Chapter 122 of Argerel's resurrection

Chapter 122 of Argerel's resurrection

Part V Resurrection Artigrel

Al – Nour website

Many lovers are waiting Series Artagirl Around the world, the channel is broadcast on the Turkish TRT channel, translated into Arabic by Al Noor and broadcast on Wednesday after broadcasting the original episode on Thursday or Thursday. The Al-Dawa channel publishes the chapters translated into classical Arabic every Thursday, Chapter 122 Events, which will be shown on Wednesday, 7/11/2018 at 8:00 pm, on RTT1 and then on the site & # 39; the light, and it will also be delivered at 8:30 pm tomorrow Thursday only on the Good satellite channel, About the light website via the Google search engine when it's the new episode.

Events & new episodes

The fierce promo came to the fifth season with lots of excitement, excitement and questions from the viewers. A major change was announced in the series's crew and new faces appeared in the fifth artgrel resurrection. Of personal death last season, many are also thinking about the fate of the Hayma's mother, and of course the supporters will find answers to those questions when looking at the new chapters that will give you a summary through our website.

Resurrection Argerel

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Exercise surgery last season

The excitement and excitement of the events, in the enthusiastic scenes of Ghazi Artagarl, who deny everything and face the enemies and tell his men in Hamas's tone, even show if they give mounted chains to move forward, they will resist them and express their bare breasts. Heratgaral tries to find land where he has a load, which covers around 400 tents, which made the governor a good deal to give them land in Antioch, and a unique Turkish TRT1 channel Among all the channels of Turkey, Sold Z episodes completely, through the following frequency of 11042, come to you via Turkish satellite Sat, vertical 5/6, dropped 8400 rate.

Resurrection Artagirl

Series of Argerel resurrection

Series of Artagarl chapter 122

The first part of the Turkish series was shown in the Artegrel resurrection in 2014, and the show has continued to date. The first, second, and third parts have also produced, and the fourth part, the first of its series, will begin in the area Aleppo in Sham and the Antioch region, where Muslims are suffering from penetrating attacks, from Tartar, Crusaders and Mongols, and start a story of the Otomian caliphate battle and have enabled that famous Turkish series Denu comment and attention to the world, the Turkish president has been attracted to this series and has attended a concert for some time having been playing the song of the Artegarl resurrection series.

Series Artagirl

Special events of Argerel's resurrection

Resurrection Argerel Part

  1. Artigarl's resurrection's historical saga lovers are watching Artagarl's resurrection episode, excited and stimulating.
  2. Where they follow a light site after translating into Arabic, knowing that the forthcoming events, including the Angels scheme, will open new places.
  3. He is managed by Artgrel, the desire to attack castles and open land, and to attack enemies suddenly.
  4. Artager's bravery, who does not welcome face to the enemy, even if he is only the sword, is a firm belief in his head.
  5. It is not surprising that this man's mentality, which will be established later, to establish the Otomian caliphate, will be governed by his son Osman Ibn Artagarl.
  6. The new chapters, in the Argerel Season 5 resurrection, will see a lack of focus on the number of victories achieved by Argerel's struggle and effort.
  7. Where the focus will be on the sidelines achieved, and the attempt of respect and betrayal of the Islamic movement.

Resurrection Argerel

Turkish Artegirl Resurrection Series

Photography of the Artagrill series

  • The most famous Artegrel turkey crew filtered interesting and interesting events in the Riva tribe.
  • And go to the beautiful and charming place overlooking the Turkish Water Sea coast.
  • He has located in the Picos district of Istanbul's charming city.
  • The series of Artegrel resurrection has a distinguished group of famous and famous Turkish actors, led by Engin Altan.
  • It's worth noting that a great fire appears in the scene, disrupted episodes filming the new series of time.
  • But soon, the matter was avoided, and the crew returned, filtered and actors to their posts.

Crew of the Artgrel series

  • And playing artist Engin Altan, the top actor paid today among all Turkish actors.
  • He took part in the tournament of the artist Esra Biljic, who led the role of Sultan Halima, along with Holia Darjan.
  • With special output directed by former Turkish director Matin Gonaï.
  • The first season was introduced late in 2014, attracting only 26 episodes attracting a lot.
  • For the team to prepare the second season with 35 events, and the end in June 2016.
  • On October 26, 2016, the third show of the season began with 30 episodes.

Resurrection Argerel

Resurrection of Art

Argerel resurrection dates and canals

You can see an observer following chapters and series Resurrection Argerel On television, and through a wide range of television channels such as the following channels, the Eastern channel and the frequency of a horizontal channel call, and frequency 10727, Channel 4 youth and 11316 frequency, as well as the Qatar channel and frequency 10971, and also the frequency of Yarmouk channel 11678, it is intended that the series will be played on the eighth day on Thursday, Egypt's time, and the return on Sunday noon will be twelve and a half, and the 4 Shabab channel, Offered by a translator for ten hours on Sunday, Saudi Arabia, as well as 4 Shabab Al-Yarmouk's channel shows the series at 7pm on Thursday, and the previous episodes shown on channel Qatar, you'll see it every day of the week except Thursday and Friday, full of 9 pm Time Mecca.

Argerel resurrection site of light

Resurrection of the new season

Artgirl 122

Many fans of the Artagirl series, across the Arab world, will watch the Artegirl Wednesday episode in Al Noor and on Thursdays every week on the Dawaa satellite channel. The episode will mark the beginning of a new era of events. After assassinating Saad al-Din Kubik is trying and eliminating his interesting, and also after returning Sultan Ghayathuddin to Konya and marrying where he will have three sons later, he has also married Turgut from Ikiz Khan, and continues to fight Artgrel to resist the Crusaders and Mongols, after the death of Sultan Halima after his birth Osman, Follow us Follow all the newest In the news series Resurrection Argerel, And a new radio episode.

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