Thursday , January 28 2021

See how Galaxy Note works without buttons (video) t

04/01 21:35

Several recent reports have revealed that Samsung's latest device in the field of smart phones, Galaxy Note 10, is expected to happen soon, without buttons.

The new phone is expected to exclude any buttons, including control button and sound power, and replace it with powerful touch sensors, according to the South Korean IT website.

On its Galaxy Note 10, Samsung will rely on interactive touch buttons, which give you the same feeling as pressing real buttons.

The idea of ​​phones without buttons has already been applied to Zero, developed by Mizo, and to Vivo 2019.

The sites offered suggested methods for how Galaxy Note 10 works without buttons. Samsung can use the ToF sensor in its new phone, so that the phone holds your hands and recognizes its nature and address t , so you can control In your phone with some moves in front of the camera, and you will not need to touch the phone screen than press its mechanical buttons from the bottom.

LG has already applied the idea to its LG G8 ThinQ.

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