Friday , March 5 2021

Screenshots of the final part of "Star Wars" in Rum and Shakiriyah

Walt Disney has announced that the American director Jay Jay Abrams will write and release the ninth installment of the Star Wars series after the current director and director Colin Trevoru has withdrawn as a result of disagreement with the company "for a creative vision."
Abrams, who launched the new Star Wars phase with the Awakens Police in 2015, said: "The Wadi Rum area is extremely beautiful and is a perfect location for the new movie."

During the three-week filming, the film crew worked with more than 250 Jordanians in different sections, including photography, fashion design, creatures, special effects and acting tricks.

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Royal Jordanian Commission of Commission, said: "The diverse landscapes of Jordan, as well as the enthusiastic and enthusiastic crews, make the country an ideal destination for photography.
In Play: Daisy Ridley, Adam Draper, John Boyga, Oscar Isak, Lobita Nyongo, Dominal Gleason, Kelly Mary Tran, Jonas Sotamou and Billy Lord, as well as former Star Wars Mark Hamell and Carrie Fisher representatives. Anthony Daniels to Billy De Williams.

The initial shooting of "Star Wars: Part IX" began in August 2018 at the London Baunas Studios and intends to release it in December 2019.
The Star Wars series produced books, TV shows, computer games, video games and comic books, leading to a major development in the fictional universe of the series.

The Star Wars brand keeps the Guinness World Record for "Most Successful Film Marketing", which estimated in 2015 that the total value of Star Wars's life was $ 42 billion, and is currently the world's third expensive world brand.

The eight parts
The first part became the name of a new hope and was filmed in 1977, and the second part name was withdrawn by the Empire. He was filmed in 1980. The third party brings the name of the Jedi's return and the pictures in 1983. V, who had the name of the clone attack in 2002, was introduced and produced the sixth part, Revenge of the Sith in 2005, and ten years after the seventh part was released, and the host name offered and offered in 2015, and the last part was The last Jedi and presented in 2017.

Virtual reality

Lucas Film Productions also announced that the character of Darth Vader of the Star Wars series will appear next year in the first part of a three-story story to report through a virtual reality program.
The "Feder Immortal" (Vedder Khaleda) series can be found on the virtual reality machines of Okulos Quest, which can watch 360 degree videos.

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