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Saudi Arabia to Egypt

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The Founding King, Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud, established the foundations of a close relationship between Riyadh and Egypt until both countries became the management of history and geography, columns and Arabic pavilions, and poles interactions in the Arab world.

Crown Mover's visit, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to Cairo, after coming to an end to visit Abu Dhabi and Manama, is a great incentive for the countries calling for the fight against terrorism. The Prince of the Crown began his Arab tour, confirming strong links and visions on strategic issues in the region.

In return to the history of the relationship between Riyadh and Cairo, the beginning of the King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman and King Farouk's base was firm and firm, which reflected the historical posts between the two countries.

In 1926, an agreement of friendship between the Kingdom and Egypt was signed, and years later, signed the reconstruction agreement in Riyadh in 1939, under which Egypt had completed some urban projects in the Kingdom.

The first historic meeting between King Abdulaziz and King Farouk was seen in 1945 by Jabal Radawi (to the northwest of Riyadh). Several Arab observers indicate that the meeting had established a strong policy for the future of the relationship between Riyadh and Cairo. Then the Egyptian hotel came out of the Kingdom with visions the same as King Abdulaziz towards a number of issues. The bilateral relations began to bear fruit after King Abdulaziz agreed on the Alexandria Protocol. "Mount Radzawi" summit led King Abdul Aziz's final approval for Saudi Arabia to Saudi Arabia, according to official sources.

The Kingdom supported the Egyptian national requirements to avoid British troops from the Egyptian territories and set up in the Arab League, the UN and all the international forums, Egyptians do not forget the situation of Riyadh with & Egypt during the three-year assault in 1956 in all political, economic and military areas.

Egypt did not disappoint Egypt that after the United States withdrew its proposal to build the Upper Dam in August 1956, supporting Egypt with $ 100 million. In October of that year, the Kingdom announced that the general campaigns of its soldiers faced the triple assault against Egypt.

The kingdom was the first to call on Arab countries to stand back in Egypt after the triple assault by allocating large amounts to enable it to resist. On the other hand, Riyadh continued to support Egypt until the war of October 1973. The Kingdom contributed many of the expenses taken by Egypt before the war.

The Kingdom led the "oil fight" to serve the October War. The war came with political and military consequences to prove the reality of an important strategy: that the meeting of Egypt and the United Kingdom in one strategy represented in a comprehensive cohesion can achieve much for higher Arabic goals and interests.

As Riyadh, Egypt stood with Kuwait during the demand to Iraq, and responded to the Kingdom's call for liberating Kuwaiti territory within a global league. Egypt was not late standing with Kuwait and was just causing it.

The Kingdom and Egypt translate their historical links to support regional stability and the fight against extremism and terrorism.

A young generation in Egypt does not forget the situation of the kingdom with the Egyptian state, who tried to sue the Muslim Brotherhood. He supported and supported the liberation of the Egyptians from the injustice of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 and the will of the people to expel the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the first fan in all international forums of Egypt, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi stressed on many occasions that the situation of Saudi Arabia on Egyptians will not be forgotten.

Despite the "summer recession" that has ensured relations between Riyadh and Egypt during the past 90 years, the strength of that relationship and its strategy goes beyond the difficulties, and it has also become the "Arab chapel of the tent" as well as describing Arabic diplomats on the other side.

Visits at the level of leaders of the Kingdom and Egypt translate into the depth of the historical relationship between the two countries. The visits between the kings of Riyadh and the Egyptian leaders did not end. King Saud, King Faisal, King Khalid, King Fahd, King Abdullah and King Salman King and the other side attended. They had Egyptian leaders in Riyadh, starting with King Farouk, then Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat, Hosni Mubarak and Abdel Fattah Sisi.

The relationship between Riyadh and Egypt is stronger than ever, as the convergence of visions between the leaders of both countries has reflected in the definite steps taken by Riyadh, Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Manama combating terrorism and tightening the supply lines of terrorist groups after cycling the four countries of the Qatari regime.

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