Friday , August 19 2022

Samsung Displays Galaxy Fluid Phone


Samsung Electronics has launched a new chapter in smartphone history by unveiling its new mobile phone, the Galaxy. The company said in a statement yesterday that it will launch a smart phone in April, with applications from Facebook and WAP, specifically designed for the New phone.

Samsung officials said the Galaxy will be priced in US $ 1980 when it's on sale on April 26. The new phone will be 4.6 inches, fold, and up to 7.3 inches.

Samsung said that he was working with Facebook and Microsoft to find special copies of his famous applications, suitable for the display screen in his new phone.

The new device could help Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone maker, compete with competitors such as Apple and Huawei Technologies, both selling smartphones.

Samsung said she had developed the manufacture of new flexible hand tools and displays to enable it to open and close hundreds of thousands of times.


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