Monday , June 27 2022

Registration numbers for the 2020 Dream Competition with Mustafa Al-Agha in all Arab countries and the unified number


The dream competition How to take part in the dream match is one of the biggest competitions in the Arab world offered by the mbc group for many years, and the value of its prizes is large sums of money in US dollars and its value increases yearly until its amount in 2020 reaches 3.500000 million dollars, and the dream competition started in the middle. Last January and the remaining few days of the raffle, the sum of one million US dollars for just one winner, made many mbc screen viewers look for how to take participated in the competition, to win this prestigious award to fulfill their dream of buying homes or traveling abroad, and the rewards of the last dream were to Withdraw a total of 100,000 US dollars on the nineteenth of November.

2020 dream competition

The dream competition started in 2006 on the mbc channel and started with a million US dollars and since its inception, it is exploring credibility with viewers, and this is what made it a prize live on air by the stadium echo program presented by Syrian journalist Mustafa Al-Agha. In front of his followers, he is informed that he has won the Dream Contest, whatever its sum, and the organizers of the show are warning against pursuing rumors that participation and withdrawal is done by participating in groups and pages on social networking sites. In terms of the 2020 Dream Competition in its fourteenth season, it is the largest competition launched by mbc With this huge amount, it was also won by a large number of subscribers compared to previous years.

Steps to take part in the dream match

Some followers of mbc channels in Egypt and the Arab countries want to know how to take part in the dream match, and this is what led them to search the Internet to find the right way to get involved and take part in the raffle those big financial rewards, and mbc channels prevent their employees and relatives up to the fourth grade from taking part. That competition is final.

  • The first time subscriber types the word dream, dream or revelation in SMS.
  • It then sends it to the number assigned to its country by mobile phone and the cost of the message is calculated as determined by the telecommunications company in each country.
  • He will then receive a message of the same number informing him of his participation in the competition.
  • Then the journey to answer questions in general knowledge begins.
  • The more answers the participant gets, the more chance of applying it to win.

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