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Problems with vitamin D deficiency and treatment


Vitamin D is a vitamin that is essential to a fat that is essential for the construction and maintenance of healthy bones, because calcium, the essential ingredient of a bone, can only be absorbed by the body when Vitamin D is present.

Vitamin C benefits are the most important foods that are rich in it

The body makes this vitamin when direct sunlight turns a chemical into the skin into an active form of vitamin, such as the capsule.

The amount of vitamin made by your skin depends on many factors, including time of day, season and where you live. Therefore, vitamin production can reduce or not be completely during the winter months.

To learn more about this vitamin, Dr. Hind Abbas, researcher at the Nutrition Department and Food Science at the National Research Center in Egypt, provides a set of basic information about it.

Number required

The daily dose of this vitamin depends on the age and health status of the individual. It is estimated that the minimum dose required for adults aged between 19 and 70 is 600 UI of vitamin D (15 mg of vitamin D), the same dosage as children from 18 to 18 years of age. This dose increases in the elderly, who is over 70, to 800 UI of vitamin D, which equates to 20 micrograms. Children under the age of 400 need a IU of vitamin D, which equates to 10 μg of it.

Vitamin sources

– Sun, so vitamin deficiency problems increase in winter.

– Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel and sardines.

– Yolyn eggs, where small amounts are in this source.

– Supplements included.

Fish and eggs are important vitamin D sources

Diseases caused by vitamin deficiency

Research shows that the lack of vitamin D causes many diseases such as:

– Lin Esgyrn

Dietary supplements that contain vitamin D to treat adults with severe vitamin D deficiency, where this deficiency results in the loss of bone mineral content in bone, bone pain, muscle weakness, and bone elasticity (bone stimulation ).

– Osteoporosis

Studies show that people who have enough vitamin D and calcium in the diet can experience a slow loss of bone mineral content, helping to prevent osteoporosis and reduce bone cuts too.

– Risk: Children suffer from this condition due to lack of vitamin D, and can add to the use of vitamin D to prevent and treat this problem.

– Cancer

Scientific research suggests that vitamin D, especially when it is obtained with calcium, is likely to help prevent certain types of cancer.

– Health aspects associated with cognitive skills

Early research suggests that vitamin D can play a part in improving the health aspects of cognitive skills. In a small study of adults aged 60 and over, researchers found that they were treated for dementia, Having a dietary supplement that contains vitamin D helps to improve cognitive skills.

Multiple Sclerosis

Studies show that reliance on dietary supplements that contains vitamin D for long periods reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis.

– Vitamin B

And because the vitamin is required, too many doses have side effects described by doctors such as overdose poisoning, and this leads to some health problems such as swallowing, vomiting, weakness of appetite, constipation, weakness, weight loss, Heart disease problems, kidney damage.

MS is a disease caused by vitamin D deficiency »Al Ain News.

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