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Part V Threat Resurrection Chapter 137 .. Return to the website of light television after translating – channels conveying the Artgrel series


After the great success caused by the historic series, Artgrel is very popular among the Arab countries, which reached its fifth place and was the highest percentage of sequences achieved by new season episodes, become a series of Artegral resurrection, one of the most famous Turkish soap operas, broadcast in more than one language in many countries in more than 23 countries worldwide, and due to the increasing proportion of sequential series by millions in the Arab region, while the series of episodes of Artegirl on Turkish trt, the first unique carrier of the series, with one episode of the series every Wednesday, Jordan Yarmouk Channel on Nilesat on the Serial Artegral radio series that was translated into Arabic, where the channel broadcast a series of the series every Thursday of every week at 8pm, Cairo time, and now for Friday to re-show series series.

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Channel channel of the Artgrel series.

– TRT Channel 1 HD Turkey – Frequency 11054 V 30000 – Moon Türksat 42 ° E

Qatar TV channel – Nilesat Accommodation

Channel 4Shbab TV Egypt – Frequency

In addition, we have been able to provide a wide range of services,

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Serial radio timing Artegral resurrection in different Arab countries.

The timing of the series of Artegral resurrection broadcast in many countries in the world is different. We will give you the radio schedule of the series that is broadcast every week according to the timing of each country.

– In Turkey, it will be broadcast at 8:00 pm the Ankara time every Wednesday.

– In Saudi Arabia and Kuwait it will be broadcast for seven o'clock in the Mecca time

– Egypt will be broadcast at 6 pm, Cairo time.

– In the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Yemen and Syria will be broadcast at 8pm in Dubai time.

– In Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will be broadcast at 6pm in Tunis time.

Returning the episodes "Artegril" series will be presented in various satellite channels such as Al Yarmouk Al Ardina and Al Ninaat's channel at 8:00 AM during the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The episode of Artgerel's resurrection today will be filled with exciting events where the death of the unknown ponds has appeared, and we will learn and through the next chapters that the truth will come to an obvious.

A little time will be broadcast in the series of Anglican ring 134 Broadcast TV series TRT only, as the channel calls to broadcast a series of live broadcasts live in Artegrel, as well as broadcast the series in also live through the Watan channel.

A little later, the episode 134 of the Artegirl Resurrection will be played on the Al Noor website that has translated into Arabic.

Today, Al-Yawmah's channel and Al-Yarmouk Jordan channel will present episode 134 of the Artegrel Resurrection on Thursday of every week at 8:00 pm and repeat the episode at 1:00 pm on Friday.

Transfer date of the false fake 134 Artegral

See episode 133 Resurrection Artagrl Part V, next Wednesday, where many are staying in the Arab world date of the show – the link to watch Chapter 134 of the Artegral resurrection series on a light site. To complete the previous exciting events that will be broadcast on the trt channel at 8pm.

Within hours, the new episode will be broadcast on the Turkish turkey channel

For all the lovers, the Serial series Artegral will be the day-to-day show waiting to see the full episode 134 resurrection Artegral, and the episode will be second – Chapter 134 Resurrection Artegral full Arabic translation after the show on the trt1 channel of Turkish Hours.

After a short time the new episode in the Turkish Artegirl Resurrection Episode 134 Season 5 season, will only be on the Turkish language channel in the original language.

Watch chapter 134 of the Artegral Resurrection series on a light site. An outstanding website.

Jordan Yarmouk channel reintroduces the new episode in Arabic on Thursday every week at 8:00 pm

– Link to watch episode 135 of the Artegral resurrection series on a light site.

The new episode will be presented in the original Turkish version of the series of Artegrel Series Resurrection 135 series on Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Now, chapter 136 of Artegirl Resurrection on Turkish Trt1 is shown in the original language of the Artegrel Resurrection in Turkish series.

Art and Part

Follow the new episodes 136 of the Artegral resurrection series now and completely on a light site and without a subscription online translation.

You can watch the return of the new episode of the Turkish Artegrel Resurrection series on the Yarmouk channel on Friday afternoons.

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The series of the 136 series of the Turkish series is Artegirl's resurrection strong and passionate responses and the role of Artegrel in releasing the Turkish Mongolian tribes where he is pursuing eagerly following successive chapters Serious to follow upcoming events.

Resurrection of Artagrill

Continue Watching the episode of the episode of the Artegirl Resurrection series Episode 137 Diriliş Ertuğrul Part V Online on a Turkish TRT every Wednesday of every week.

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