Monday , June 27 2022

News of Khamenei’s health deteriorating


Sources from inside Iran reported that “the leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, transferred all his powers to his son Mojtaba after his health deteriorated, at a time when the country is going through many crises, and the latest of which was the murder of one of its most prominent scientists in the nuclear field about a week ago in Tehran. “

Iranian journalist Muhammad Ahwazi wrote on his Twitter account that “Iranian sources spoke of Khamenei’s deteriorating health since Friday,” adding that “those close to Khamenei are deeply concerned about his health this time. “

He pointed out that the sources confirm that “the tasks and powers of the office of the Supreme Leader of Iran have been transferred to his son Mojtaba Khamenei, who oversees several security and intelligence departments in Iran.”

Ahwazi said, “It is not yet clear why Khamenei’s health has deteriorated, whether because he has prostate cancer or as a result of another disease.”

He explained that “Khamenei’s health had deteriorated further since Friday, which led to senior doctors being summoned from Masih Daneshwari Hospital in Tehran.”

The Iranian journalist highlighted that a meeting between Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, scheduled for Friday, has been canceled as a result of these developments.

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