Sunday , January 23 2022

News 24 After a proven success. Smart pharmacies spread in Dubai


ExpressionsThe Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has opened the fifth smart pharmacy in the emirate, within a large distribution and sales center in Nad Al Hamr.

In the past, five pharmacies have opened in two hospitals at Emirate Dubai, where pharmacies have virtually controlled their ability to manage drug transactions.

These smart pharmacies are operated by an integrated and centralized programming system, which describes and distributes medicine uniformly and harmoniously among all pharmacies.

Interestingly, the Dubai Health Authority has introduced more than 36 million products to the smart pharmacy system, which can be used using a smart application. This application has been successful in distributing drugs and avoiding errors for two years.

Ultimately, intelligent pharmacies could save patients time and effort to buy medication. The procedure could be completed in only 2.6 minutes, and the time needed to explain prescription was reduced to 5.56 minutes.

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