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New treatment to overcome peanut allergy


New treatment to overcome peanut allergy


Many people, especially children, suffer from excessive nutritious allergies, which are deprived of eating many delicious foods. They may die in some cases if the treatment is delayed, but a new study shows that it can be overcome gradually.
In a one-year experiment, scientists gave nutshell protein to children that were too sensitive.
Over time, children who were unable to eat even a fraction of single nuts can eat two whole corners.
Scientists believe that the ability of the body can be tolerated gradually to tolerate ground nuts, so that those who are allergic can be at risk of dying from peanuts.
Researchers at the Evilina Children's Hospital and King's College in London carry out a study that suggests the treatment of allergy through "immunotherapy."
The study comprised almost 500 children from the US and Europe, divided into groups, giving them peanut protein pills and other powder with no effect.
The dose increased fortnightly over a period of 6 months, and scientists said to give them a stable dose of nutshell protein for another 6 months.
The study found that around two-thirds of children (67 per cent) could tolerate 600 mg of nutshell protein, compared to only 4 per cent of those who had a placebo.

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