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New breach in Israel in Africa: Sudan is a future station?


Chadian's visit, President Idriss Deby to Tel Aviv on Sunday, and his meeting with Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of possession power, Rivlin Rivlin, would not have been possible without the normale wave and Arab race to win a welcome Netanyahu. The latest of these was the visit of Netanyahu with Muscat and the Israeli Sports Minister's reception, Merit Regev In the UAE, and declared the Israeli announcement to launch diplomatic links soon with the Bahrain State. As if this were not enough, Netanyahu used the press conference in conjunction with Deby to announce his visit to other Arab countries. Israel's media fell after less than an hour to say that Sudan is one of these countries. Chadian President visited Tel Aviv after months of intense contacts. The attempt to restore these links two years ago by a visit to the former director of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dori Gold, failed because Chad considered unfortunate and inappropriate timing. After taking part in Netanyahu's last African West African African Summit, and the summits held in Kenya.

Despite the fact that the state possessed has managed through a policy of perseverance since Netanyahu returned in 2009 to penetrate the continent to restore diplomatic relations with some 40 African countries, but a statement passed to Gold, "Maariv" site shows that Chad was targeted as a state, who was erased from the African country's border against the state of occupation, and its involvement in the Israeli axis formed in Africa is attributed to a momentum American aid for the government to occupy, contrary to the condition of disorders that justified between Israel and the United States in the Barack Obama season.

Gold was short enough to reveal that the choice of Netanyahu and the government as a candidate for better relations with Chad was spontaneous or accepted by any state that had formal contacts with Israel but also for other reasons, in particular its geopolitical situation, Given their possible impact on the neighboring United States. "When we saw the map from neighboring countries from Guinea to Sudan, we decided to work in this region, Sahara and Morocco. After we finished our meetings with the prime minister, we went to the capital of Chad. We traveled 40 kms to the middle of the deserts. We held talks throughout the day. "

Gold was talking about a visit two years ago to Chad, and Israel was hoping to restore links with Chad at the time, but the conditions were not "appropriate." Gold added that Chad's choice as a country to intensify links to reinstate it also because "being a very important country in Africa and having a positive influence and stabilization in the region", an appreciation that it enjoys worldwide and because it is participate in international peacekeeping forces.

Gold statements are an important indicator of Israel's incentives and aspirations for important earnings of connections with Chad. The first is to gain a "Islamic" legitimacy that is not a Arab citizen of restoring the relationship between the two countries and neutralizing Chad in international forums to stand directly with Palestinian cause. As an opposition to proposals against the power that they possess, hoping to recruit them in favor of Israel's decisions and proposals.

Tel Aviv has earned earnings associated with extending the influence of Israel in Central Africa, after Israel has tightened the penetration or inclusion process initiated by a series of official visits of the former Lieberman and Netanyahu Avigdor Defense Minister Horn Africa, and then moving into relations with the countries of West Africa and South, Chad, the heart of Central Africa, has been a long way around Israel's activity, which has now been seamless even after the relationship diplomatic banned between the two countries in 1972, but has remained hidden or unseen.

Israel's interests seem to be prominent in Chad, from Israel's crest to access uranium mines to the nuclear industry, for economic benefit and military exports and the sale of various security expertise to secure economic and financial income, President Chadian Idriss Deby, who did not welcome Yedioth Ahronoth, described in a report on his position of the President of Tyrant, which prevents demonstrations and arresting opponents.

Ensuring a commitment of propaganda to Israel in protecting the stability of the Deby regime includes the same formula of "Islamic extremism fighting and Islamic threat" to the use of Chad's reality and the attacks of the Boko Haram organization of the border with Nigeria, and The challenges faced by opposition groups, including the Islamic border of the Sudanese border.

Israel's equation with former Eastern European countries and other African countries that go to Ty Gwyn appears to be through Tel Aviv, which is also valid with Chad and Sudan, which could explain why he chose Netanyahu visited Idriss Deby in Tel Aviv to announce proximity to visits to other Arabic countries. The media noted that the meaning of the Sudan, which could be interpreted as another message to the potential of Chad arising from a relationship with Israel, in terms of the latter, was a facilitating factor to resolve disputes between the border between Chad and Sudan, by using the influence of Tel Aviv in Washington, Sudan has also begun to hope to improve relations with America, especially after raising US economic penalties in Sudan.
Taking into account Gold statements about the importance of Chad because of its African status and role in the peacekeeping forces, it is possible to be said that the Israeli President's Israeli visit is the summit of Israel Hoyom described as the spring of Israel in Africa, and Israel returned to Africa. "

The visit is expected to have an impact on the situation of Israel in the African countries, especially Israel's success in dismantling the "international" blocks that are automatically opposed to Israel in international forums and facilitating the acceptance of Israel as a member of the African Union observer. Especially if developing relationships develops in mutual interests, including combining the stability of the system (which is Deby's main motivation) and benefits from development projects, especially in an area of ​​agriculture, infrastructure and advanced technology that Israel offers to Chad. Over the last decade, the occupation took advantage of the Arab Spring and anti-war revolutions against these revolutions, leading to the continued assault of the current Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and concerns of Arab countries with their inner situation. Weapons, military and technological expertise in serving African regimes that suffer from internal disturbance and oppressive rule, and to interfere with these systems in favor of the state that lives in a completely absent Arabian state.

Since Netanyahu has returned to power, the occupation has played a paper to reduce the "scope and extent of Israeli-Arab and Palestinian conflict" on the Palestinian issue, with the attempts to disassociate Islamic non-Arab states and & The Arab world as a whole, and to reinforce African identity in Israel's Arab Chat conversation, and put these links in the second round of importance, in the accounts of African countries, who saw the decline of Arab countries and investments in Africa .

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