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Cairo – Gololy

The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performed a major concert in Dubai Mall's ten anniversary.

The Lebanese artist had a long white dress with a long white dress that showed the characteristics of her pregnancy. Roberto Cavalli's signature, which cost about $ 3,275, distinguished his soft, decorated waistcoat.

During the ceremony, Nancy introduced a special song for best songs, especially the song "Badna Nolaa Al Jaw", and she recently introduced a successful rate.

She also made a number of dance connections with singing and called on her audience to warn her especially that she was pregnant in the early months, saying she had started the sixth month of pregnancy but did not settle on the name of her new baby again.

Nancy Ajram has performed a musical tour where she has performed a number of concerts, attended by a massive crowd of Arab and Foreign audiences.

During his stay in London, Nancy revealed some of her newborn's daughter, who joined Ella and Mella's sister from her husband, Dr. Fadi Al Hashem.

Nancy Ajram's latest work was "Badna Nolaa al-Jawh", directed by Samir Serriani, and the words of Samir Nakhla, composed by Joseph Juha, and distributed as Rizk.

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