Thursday , August 11 2022

Microsoft Launches a New Office Version for Windows 10 Users


ExtendMicrosoft has replaced the "My Office" application on Windows 10 with a new, free application called "Office". It provides a very simple interface, and the free application is available online without having to request a 365 Office subscription.

"My Office" allows users to access all the already installed 365 Office applications and applications that can be installed, providing quick access to most Office applications and services common, and supports free online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote And use them from one place.

The new Office application will facilitate quick access to the Office's popular applications and services, find a complete list of applications and services that are available as well as tutorials and obtain documents from any application in one place. Also, Microsoft added many possibilities that would be useful to IT administrators.

"Through the Office, people will be able to adjust their user experience with the enterprise brand, access to third party applications, and execute Microsoft Search to find documents and people across the enterprise as well as their applications and its documents with a single click, "said the company.

The new application will be available to Windows 10 users in the coming weeks and will automatically be installed as an update to my Office's request. The application works with any Office 365, 2019 Office, 2016 Office and Online Office – the free Web Office version for users.

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