Friday , May 27 2022

Low temperature tomorrow and free


The National Meteorological Center predicted that the weather will be partly cloudy to some areas, and that there may be a special rainfall in the west and on the coast, with low temperatures. A moderate wind speed accelerates in the afternoon, becoming particularly strong at sea and dusty and dusty on some open areas.

The wind movement is approximately 18-30 km / h to the north east, approaching the north west between 25 and 35 km / h, up to 50 km / h at sea in afternoons and evenings.
The Arab Gulf is moderate at the beginning, becoming disturbing to serious trouble in the afternoon. While the first tide will take place at 37:09 and the second tide is 56:18 and the first islands at 13:41 and the second car at 02:35 in the Oman Sea: the average . . While the first tide occurs at 17:59 a second at 06:00, the first islands at 12:12 and the second car at 23:02.

The following is the maximum temperature and maximum humidity expected today:

Heat Thermal Heat of the City

Abu Dhabi 32 23 60 25

Dubai 31 24 60 25



Umm Al Quwain

Ras Al Khaimah


Al Ain 31 22 65 25

Liwa 33 22 70 20

Al – Ruwais 32 21 85


Delma 32 25 75 40

Tunnel big

Less Less

Abu Musa 31 25 85 45

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