Tuesday , March 2 2021

Liverpool vs Paris St Germain. You would like to know about UEFA Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain is facing Liverpool on Wednesday, the scene in the Champions Champions Championship today.

The conflict is a dramatic confrontation between a number of stars, including Neymar Brazil, Frenchman Kilian Mbabi in the Paris squad, Egyptian Mohamed Salah and defendant Senegal Sadio Mani in the Liverpool assault.

The following are the highlights of Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool.

Match date and ducts

The game is held at the Princes Garden in Paris, at 10am for Cairo.

The game was broadcast on the BN Sports 1, the Essam Shawali Tournament.

Qualifying teams and qualifying scenarios

Paris Saint-Germain is third at 5 points, one in front of the leaders of Liverpool, which has a distinctive goal of Naples.

Winning Paris means that he is close to reaching the eighth point before meeting Serina Served Zveda in the finals, while Liverpool hopes to return at least a point from the Prince's Park before taking a purpose against Napoli.

Club against Takhil

The game looks like a conflict between two German training schools, Jürgen Klopp and the Liverpool trainer Thomas Tochel.

The club played against Thoukhil 13 times and won 9 games and was tied in 3 across and one defeated.

Neymar Triangle and Paris Weapons

German coach, Tomas Tukhil, bets on the abusive triangle capability led by Neymar, Kellian Mbabi and Edison Cavani in the front line. Three three-three goals scored this season.

Tochel also believes that Adrian Rabio, Marco Verati and Angel de Maria are also excellent players in the middle field to take advantage of the players' pace with the excellent defense of Thiago Silval, Kimembe, Dani Alves, Cózora and Gianluigi goalkeeper Buffon.

Liverpool Triangle Salah and power

German coach Jürgen Klopp bets on his abusive trial led by Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mani and Roberto Fermino, the trio that helped raise the Reds to the Champions League final in the last season.

The club has a great deal at the trial, which has scored 16 goals in the season to date and has made striking progress. Liverpool's three-point attack is fast, skilfully and physically and is one of the best in the world.

The German trainer bets on the strength of the middle field and his activity with the presence of Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Georginho Fainaldum, to control the rhythms against Paris with the police defend the season this, with the presence of Virgil Van Dik, Joseph Gomez, Trent Arnold and Andriy Robertson and goalkeeper Alison Bakker.

Mohamed Shawki, former Middlesbrough midfielder, told The News, Liverpool has great midfielder capabilities to quickly remove the crime from behind behind, as well as a fast and amazing aggressive line .

He added: "If playing a club to close its defenses and Salah and Mani speed dependency will be a concern and discomfort to Paris" defenses "in the balls opposite.

He noted that the willingness of the Neymar and Mbabi pair would be important to Paris, especially as the couple had lost the last game in the league due to injury.

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