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Learn about the properties of genome and be able to predict disease


Publish the website "AFP. Re"The Russian report on the future of healthcare and the future of genomics, which allows doctors to detect and treat diseases, as well as a great scientific revolution in medicine.

The website, in his report, has translated into "Arabic", The genome is the one that specifies several personality characteristics, chronic practices and diseases.

More recently, a genetic study has become more accessible, allowing many diseases to be treated and even stopped.

According to the site, personal medicine is a way of treating and preventing different diseases, based on the individual characteristics of people.

Doctors believe that this science is very promising, as standard protocols can not fully solve the problems of each patient.

However, this science has not been able to reach a high level of accuracy. However, as the genomic sequence of humanities came to a prominence, much of the data was changed.

For 15 years, the potential of medicine has increased and scientists have begun to use their knowledge of DNA to develop new drugs and therapies, the website said.

Genomics allow doctors to predict, diagnose and treat diseases more accurately than ever before.

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The full human genome contains three billion pairs of DNA, each of which has its own specificity, said the site. Identifies personal DNA features and individual characteristics that are similar to hair, eyes and others.

In addition, genes allow us to know how our bodies work and what happens to the body when we become ill to understand more about the work of the body.

The website confirmed that the exact medication is based on genetic information, which means it helps to diagnose many diseases at an early stage, which extends extensively to patients.

In fact, many diseases, including cancer, produce changes in our genes. Genomics can also be identified.

Accordingly, genomics will be the most important factor in understanding how to prevent disease progression.

The site noted that the Human Genome Project has contributed to the discovery of more than 2,000 genes that can cause a variety of diseases.

Thanks to the human genome, the process of identifying rare genetic diseases, which took many years to look for, takes only several days.

Furthermore, in the near future, genomics can allow a reduction in the incidence of cancer. In the United States, a complete database is based on diagnosed DNA patients.

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When it comes to treatment, genome science turns an important field of microbiology and genetic pharmacology. Scientists have long argued that the same drug affects people differently, and now it's clear why.

It is worth noting that genes are responsible for everything, as they affect the production of important enzymes in the liver.

Interestingly, genetic modification prevents enzymes from operating properly, since medication builds up in the body simply and can happen over time with significant changes.

The site noted that there is no more important science than the genetic editing field associated with genetic engineering. When the main problem is associated with one gene, the problem can be solved and, therefore, treated.

In this regard, the wrong genome is deleted and replaced by a genome created in the lab. During clinical trials, genes editing has become a fast and effective treatment, the most accurate field of medicine.

The website added that medication was in the past 15 years since the first human genome project changed dramatically.

In the future, doctors may be able to treat cancer, chronic diseases and other diseases with the help of genetic engineering.

In fact, this area opens unprecedented opportunities for humanity that can be used for treatment. Scientists suggest that more than 2 billion DNA samples can be made by 2025, creating a large-scale database.

In conclusion, the website confirmed that the science was moving very quickly and genomics are a revolutionary area that works to change the perceptions of people not only in terms of medicine but also in terms of disease.

At present, most new research and developments have started to reach as many people as possible, so the health level will be developing soon.

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