Sunday , January 23 2022

Launched the fifth edition of Dubai Economic Accelerators


Dubai Economic Development Department (DED) has announced that it has launched the fifth issue of Dubai Economic Accelerators, which includes two challenges to improve competitiveness in the retail sector and increase productivity in the sector build.

The current session is supported by Dubai Economic Rapporteurs, which aims to harness future efforts and technologies to facilitate business, improve services and government and improve competitiveness in diverse economic sectors.

The challenges of the fifth cycle are Dubai Economic Cooperation with four private sector companies to devise solutions that will enable two vital sectors in Dubai to sustain innovation and sustainability, attract investment and accelerate the general economic growth of the emirate. The first challenge is to enable retailers and wholesalers to predict future scenarios through data and research.

As well as taking advantage of those indicators when attracting consumers. The Dubai economy will work to promote a smart transition in the sector and to spread the outstanding features of Dubai's retail sector to ensure business sustainability.

Fast conversion

"There are fast shifts in shopping, from traditional e-commerce stores and better smartphone experiences, which are being studied through e-payment, retail restructuring as part of the Dubai Accelerator Challenge," said Mohamed Al-Saadi, Director Operational Strategic Economic Issues, Dubai. .

We are currently looking for solutions to improve Dubai's retail and global reach by identifying new consumer shopping practices and developing data-driven strategies to predict future trends. We aim to create a "digital and definite" trading system in the retail sector.

Take advantage of technology

The second challenge of the fifth cycle is to promote technology to promote sustainable business practices in the construction sector, improving productivity. The challenge is to move growth growth in the future construction sector to competitiveness in productivity. Hani Al Hamli, Director of Dubai Competitiveness Office, said:

The Office's participation in the current session of the Future Dubai Accelerators comes in an effort to improve efficiency and productivity, which is the necessary state for upgrading Dubai's global competitiveness. Despite the significant development of the Emirate construction sector and its transformation to the front of global real estate and modern infrastructure, technical aspects need to be strengthened to raise labor productivity in this sector.

The new technologies introduced by the two foreign companies that came to the forefront of the dozens of companies that have accelerated to work in Dubai are within the framework of Dubai Accelerators for the Future, namely digital programs that allow the contractors of the contracting company to monitor the performance of employees within the site and to measure the extent of achievement.

The fifth session launch follows the successes of the different sectors of the Dubai economy in the last sessions, and have worked Dubai's economy in the fourth session of "Dubai fasteners of the future" to find technical solutions that # 39; n adopting Internet things to contribute to management work efficiency and 25% inspection rate.


Mohammed Lootah, Executive Director, Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Division said: "The commercial management sector has tried to provide intelligent and transparent solutions when dealing with consumers and traders and raising the level of services offered to; The business community Improving the global reputation and commercial status of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general.


"We are committed to taking an active part in the Dubai Accelerator program in the future, to look at the future and explore innovative solutions that will improve the emirate situation as a smart city and a future global center," he said. Mariam Al-Afredi, Director of Communications & Government in the Dubai Economic Area. The Dubai Economic Community and its organizations have a wide range of clients, representing the business community in Dubai.

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