Friday , August 19 2022

Japanese Carriage landing asteroid 340 million kilometers of Earth


Hiabusa 2 successfully hit for a short time yesterday on the Ryugo asteroid, which sits over 340 million kilometers of Earth, allowing the collection of dust from the soil of this object that could contribute to more light shed when forming the solar system.

The functionalists in the control room were commendably commended when the vehicle sent a positive indication to what the Japanese space agency (JAXA), who runs this privilege task, shows very carefully , expect anxious the result.

The plane has been landed as intended for a few seconds on the surface of the asteroid being thrown in the form of a ball to turn dust and take samples.

"We're very comfortable," said one of the mission officials later at a news conference. We landed well and we were happy. We feel that the time is very long before landing. "He said the vehicle" had returned as planned on its orbital site around Ryugu, and sent to the first signs that the connection with the asteroid had already occurred. "

"It seems that the ball has succeeded," said one of the team engineers. We can talk about success. "

The vehicle should have parked in other October elsewhere, but it was necessary to find a location with less land to avoid the detriment of the person who searched . The final option was for an area of ​​six meters. The JAXA agency carries out a different analysis of data.

Hayabusa II adventure began on December 3, 2014 with a long trip of 3.2 billion km to reach Ryugu, 340 million km of ground, which can not be reached in a straight line.

He took three years and ten months to reach his destination. In June 2018, he settled 20 kilometers of Ryugu, a diamond asteroid diamond shape that dates back to the history of the solar system.

The aim of the mission is to enrich space environment information "for a better understanding of the appearance of life on Earth." It is expected that the Japanese vehicle will return to the Earth in 2020.

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