Wednesday , May 25 2022

It means what Google encryption is for Android Message users


Google recently started offering the end-to-end encryption feature for Rich Communication Services, which has been trying for years to make it an alternative to the popular SMS system, as RCS’s communications service is a communication protocol between mobile phone companies, which aims to replace SMS with a larger text messaging system. Progress.

Features of RCS

The benefit of this service is that it provides some common features in popular instant messaging services more than is available in short text messages, and also allows users to know the time the message was read, share emojis, as well as improved capabilities for group chats, as the company reveals its completion. RCS services global offering, to move now to the new phase, which is the end-to-end encryption feature.

End-to-end encryption

This feature is in high demand about 10 years ago, especially after the former contractor’s famous leaks with the US National Security Agency which revealed the agency’s spying on users, as it uses strong encryption to encrypt keyed messages unique to each user, and because the key is only in the user’s device, this is. Encryption prevents anyone else.

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