Friday , August 19 2022

Including hot milk with honey. 3 Recipes do not increase and the cold is just worse


There are many recipes and tips we hear when there are cold cases, but some of the adverse effects do not increase the number of cases of decline. Some will reduce Serious body immunity already. What should be avoided when there is a cold?

Some of us did not make this situation when they were suffering from a cold blow, following suggestions of the social environment: herbs, honey and vinegar. However, many people have the features that they still want to remove the cold as soon as possible, or perhaps to reduce the impact of unpleasant symptoms such as pharyngitis, headaches and cold.

Despite the good faith, some advice is counterproductive, as only the period of infection increases, according to the site of Germany's Focus. What behavior should be avoided when cold occurs?

1- Sawna
Some go to bed with a bag of hot water and diarrhea, which can be a good idea when getting cold. However, doctors warn from entering the hot sauna or a Turkish bath because it's just doing things worse.

This results in severe circulation, which is diluted mainly due to illness. Hot air also creates an ideal atmosphere for the possibility of breeding germs.

2 – hot milk and honey
Usually, weights suffer cold. Many people use a home recipe after making hot milk and honey to reduce cough. But this mix increases the excitability of mucus membranes in the pharynx, which increases the severity of cough periods. Instead, it is recommended that drink drinks be consumed or deemed in such cases.

3. Antibiotics
Antibiotics only affect bacterial infections. Infections are viral infection. Here you can not expect any help to antibiotics, but vice versa will be more damaging.

The more the patient takes antibiotics, the more the risk that bacteria will resist these antibiotics.

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