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How to treat sore throat


The method of treating sore throat in the herbal Saqr News, citing Arabic morning, we publish the method of treating herd throat with herbs, the method of treating sore throat and we tell you our new visitor news today through our Saqr News and start with the main news, treating the throat of herbs with herbs.

The causes of the winter disease are specific due to the cold of the atmosphere, but it is possible to get rid of the house by taking the warm herbs.

Causes of throat:

It is now possible to remove the problems of throat dolphin by treating them naturally with warm vegetables. Initially, the main causes of the neck infection need to be identified, including the following:

1 – breathe more polluted air, which contains many threats and excesses that lead to increased neck infection.

2 – breathing air dry through the mouth that results in exposure to a dry mouth and then the number of infections.

3 – Tonsill exposure to incidence is one of the things that cause the neck to swell and then spread the inflammation of the neck.

Injury to the throat.

5 – exposure to problems in the body's immune system.

6. The person is an allergy to one of the drugs and chemical compounds.

7 – Exposure to upper respiratory disease disease such as leprosy, flu and many other problems.

Treating throat dolphin:

It is possible to treat throat in more than one way, including attending the doctor who treats and treats drugs and medicines or through natural herbs and can be removed from the problem with natural herbs according to the following steps:

1- Singerir:

Put a tbsp of ginger in warm water for 10 minutes and put a tbsp of honey to follow and take warm, it's very effective in removing the problem of the throat.


Garlic is one of the most effective natural medicines for removal of many diseases, which is also used to eliminate throat, and it is better to be mixed with ginger and lemon to eat.

3 – Hot licenses:

A cup of hot licenses is taken in Saqr News and again with the night to get rid of a problem of throat in a short period.

4 – Bee beekeeping takes three times a day of things that work to calm the neck much.

5 – Take semolina seeds having boiled boil of things that really contribute to getting rid of the problem of the throat.

6. Apple is one of the fruit that has a great ability to dispose of the throat problems in a short period of time, apple vinegar, which works to clear neckness and removal of the problems or by taking fruit fried apples and stuffed with a turmeric or saffron.

It is possible to take a teaspoon of rappe juice every day to get rid of throat dolphin straight away.

8. It is also possible to get rid of the problem by busy every day and every morning in warm water with salt to clean the neck of the bacteria and inflammate it.

9 – Ducks are one of the natural things that really contribute to the removal of the throat problems and boils a lot of Aldkr overall and are taken twice a day and Drinking is very important to the respiratory system.

It is possible to prevent this disease by following a number of steps, including the following:

1 – prevent smoking completely and also avoid smokers that cause neck inflammation.

2 – do not use the objects of the injured.

3. Protect the personal hygiene of individuals who have been infected.

4 – Prohibition from attending the areas in which the injuries have been located to avoid infection transfer.

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