Sunday , April 11 2021

How do you deal with pain after collapse? UAE News

It is common for a mother to feel pain in her breasts following an intervention or breastfeeding, and these dollars last for several or more days. The inflammation of milk and mastitis ductures that occur after worsening and slowing down the baby helps to reduce or avoid these pains, along with some medicines and home medicines.

If you feel addicted in the breast, use a suction pump to reduce the pain once

These fears occur anywhere in the breast, and can affect one or two breastbones. The level of pain increases after a few days after breakdown, and then gradually decreases.

Your breasts can swell, you may feel lumps, or stiffness, and your body temperature can also rise. The milk may also drop out of the little, especially when you hear your baby crying or any other child.

If you feel addicted in the breast, use the suction pump to reduce the pain once. You can put cold cabbage leaves in the bra and change every hour before they wipe, to treat congestion.

If you realize the breasts of the breasts or the fever, take ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Redness and fever may be due to inflammation that requires antibiotics, so you may need to see your doctor if congestion does not fall and the temperature is low.

Prevention. So it's getting worse to avoid a breastfeeding session every 3 days, so that the demand for breast milk decreases gradually with more than a week.

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