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Heidi Klum is fine during her stay with her concert Tom


Tokyo's Siam

Fashion model Heidi Klum, 45, attended on Sunday, the opening ceremony of Lauren Schwartz, a luxury jewelery designer in Artus in Hong Kong, with Tom Kulitz, 29, a guitarist at the Tokyo Hotel with her.

The dazzling bangle, 5 inches and 9 inches containing an emerald dress is decorated with golden flowers and pigeons. The lower part of the dress was characterized by a long-neck design, which was threaded. The star was decorated with large quartz diamond earrings, Tom wore black and wore an appropriate black suit and black shirt. In the concerts, the musician and the German-American producer Farrell Williams, 45, Donc with gold necklaces. decorated with diamonds and emeralds.

Heidi Klum is fine during her stay with her Tom Kulitz league in Tokyo.

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Schwartz jewelery became more popular after Halley Berry wore an Oscar at the 2002 Oscars. Her whole jewelery appeared when she won the Best Actress Award for Monster's Ball, and then designed Schwartz jewelery for stars like Kelly Rowlands and Jennifer Lopez , In her song "Upgrade U" in 2006.

Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a 15-carat engagement ring from Schwartz when she introduced her wedding in 2013, while Victoria Scriet's old model "Instagram" portrayed her image wearing a Schwartz and Sandberg game, and included naked Klum wearing lace bracelets. black reveals what her dramatic flat stomach.

Klum has shown her week holiday in Hong Kong with her sister Tom, and despite the bad weather, the duo spent a good time in the busy city, the couple announced their relationship with the public for the first time. in May last year after meeting for the first time in Germany's Next Top Model, Although both announced their engagement on Christmas Eve 2018.

Heidi Klum is fine during her stay with her Tom Kulitz league in Tokyo.

Heidi is the mother of four children of previous relatives, including her eldest daughter Helen, 14, daughter of Italian business Flavio Briatore, Henry (aged 14) and Johan (12 years) and Lou (aged 9) the singer's sons. "Seal".

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