Friday , August 12 2022

Hany Shaker reveals the secret wedding event that caused a woman to demolish


Hani Shaker said he had had a love story before his marriage, but did not succeed and separated from his fiancée.

Shaker said during a meeting with the artist Latifa in the "Tales of Latifa" program broadcast through the dmc channel that one of the supporters caused a collapse between him and Nahla's wife, because the admirator said She's married Hani Shaker secretly and her wife has already confirmed the wonder and very angry.

Hani Shaker expressed his love and an attachment to cars as much as he sometimes patted his car.

Hani Shaker added that he became a very different person of what the audience sees on stage, and his wife does not like this aspect of his character.

"I learned from the respect of my mother, the commitment and love of people," he said.

The artist Hani Shaker is the most features he answers in the screws and shortcomings of the women and ends.

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