Wednesday , May 25 2022

Hair color that results in solving girl (video + pictures)


The English newspaper, Le Parisien, revealed that Estelle, who is learning English, has been severely harassed after she changed her hair using a color produced by a famous brand.

The student told Facebook that she had made a mistake and wanted to tell other people, explaining her pictures that what happened to her due to PPD, was a very sensitive product in 90% of all the colors that are on get on the market.

Steele noted that she had not gone to a shop selling cosmetics in the last few days to buy a color to turn her hair from rubber to brown, but after using the color she felt pressured on the skin of the head and then on top of which began to swell.

The newspaper said that the girl had been sensitive to this type after her hair was coloring and she was supposed to test the skin, but she was only 30 minutes away from & # 39; compared to 48 hours as recommended in the instructions.

The mother went to the emergency room, where she was cared for immediately and gave the necessary care. He mentioned in the hospital that the woman is an allergy to PPD, an abbreviation for "paraphénylènediamine" that keeps the dark color on hair, but this product is not allowed in other beverages such as powder.

"We have identified PPD problems for a long time," said Dr Catherine Olivierz Guti, a member of the National Dermatologist Association. "2 to 3 per cent of people are allergic to this substance, which makes their eyes like rabbits, with an inflated head.

"I saw poorly deformed patients, but serious cases such as star are still scarce," he said. "PPD is also present in dark clothes such as black jeans and black henna." We have made a lot of warnings about this.

"We need to inform consumers better, do not use the color until 48 hours after testing it on your skin," he said.

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