Thursday , September 29 2022

Give us projects that Zayed would be happy to see


HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of Saudi Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Dubai Manager, honors the achievements of the United Arab Emirates in the areas of the UAE and Zayed Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum directives honored the national projects that reflect the Zayed riding during a national honors ceremony, reflecting the approach adopted by the United Arab Emirates since its inception in leading development development United Arab Emirates in all areas.
He stressed that the "Anniversary celebration" in the early Emihadau is different. We will not celebrate the personalities we celebrate the successes. We will celebrate the projects leaving their mark in the history of the United Arab Emirates Projects founded by our state, Zayed will be happy if we were with us. Cultural, social, economic, scientific, and infrastructure projects will leave its impact In the march of our country. "
"We have projects such as the Louvre, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro and Cleveland Hospital. Projects such as the Prince of Bards, Reading Challenge and Million Dollar Poems. Projects such as Khalifa University, University of America, Sharjah, Museum & Union Mars Prospect. "
He called on the public to nominate the achievements, saying: "We will open the doorstep to vote to choose for themselves the most important projects that they believe they have affected their state march. They can see them as an extension to the Zayed parade … Zayed Orders. A vision of the future of our country. Designated projects to identify early Arab Emirations to honor the difference Work and dedicate their efforts to pages our history. "

The aim of the United Arab Emirates initiative is to promote the distinctive models of the United Arab Emirates in different areas and to highlight its achievements. It highlights United Arab achievements of the establishment of the United Arab Emirates today, which reflects the Union's values ​​and raises the flag of the United Arab Emirates in each forum. They are honored by a special medal by her Senior Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum at an annual ceremony jointly with the United Arab Emirates National Annually.
Each candidate can nominate their achievements through, and until November 18, 2018. The committee, based on the "Early Emissions" initiative, will list names and participants and prepare lists to find and coincide with competent and competent authorities.

It is worth noting that the initiative was launched in 2014, while during its previous sessions, 139 people honored all of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates during the previous sessions in different sectors and celebrate their stories of success and excellence. Through the site.

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