Thursday , January 20 2022

"Future Councils" emphasize the importance of ethical reconciliation of technological development


The Government of the United Arab Emirates Issues Implementation

The Government of the United Arab Emirates is announcing the Implementation of an Emi Center for Ready for the Future

The Future Council of Ethics, Values ​​and Innovation emphasized, at its meeting of the 3rd session of World Futures Councils held in Dubai, the importance of establishing ethical reconciliation in various aspects of technological development in the future.

The aim of the Council is to reach a global consensus on the requirements to promote the optimum technology match with social aspirations and a shared vision for a sustainable and comprehensive future.

Members of the Council noted that values ​​and ethics must be an integral part of the technological development process, and review how technology impacts on human behavior and practices and how to reach systems that & Does not affect society.

It was confirmed that the establishment of a generally agreed ethical model will affect technological development positively and will contribute to "dynamically" the orientation of those who lead them, businesses, engineers and investors, and form a system of cooperative processes between organizations and policy makers and social leaders serving the community and the public interest.

The Council reviewed the basic and practical mechanisms of ethical alignment, such as responsible and value-focused research, and emphasized the importance of extending the concept of technological development to early stages such as curricula, project values, organizational culture and others.

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