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Former new technical director. The leading foreign schools in Ahli training

We send you the new trainer. The most successful foreign schools in training Ahli, before the new technical director. Overseas schools are the most senior in training Ahli, we are announcing to you our New News visitors Today through our news website and start with news,

Al Ahli's club races to settle the new trainer's file that leads the Red team to succeed Patrice Carteron, who was dismissed during the last period due to the fall in the results after leaving the 16 Club Arab Championship against Al Wasl Al Ahli. Africa to Esperance from Tunisia, to decide on the Red Castle board to appoint Mohamed Youssef trainer in general until the contract with a foreign trainer in the coming period.


In the past, more than an overseas coach has been nominated to lead the national team, led by the former German Bayern Munich coach, Felix Magath, who has been printed by Red Castle officials but is facing a crisis in increasing pay annual. He is one of the world's leading coaches. She has a strong autobiography after Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Werder Bremen, Frankfurt Eintracht, Stuttgart, Schalke and Wolfsburg. He worked for Fulham and Shandong Long.

Al Ahly is a great success story with a German training school. The Red Club has already been led by 4 German coaches, Dietrich Vitsa, Rainer Holmann, Rainer Tsubel and Hans Dixie, who left in summer 2001 and is the last German trainer in Red history.


Al-Ahli started his career with German coaches with the great success of the team, and he was very successful with the team, winning three tournaments – the Premier League, the Egyptian Cup and African Championships – to open a place for him citizens in the Red Fort. Two season where he won a great success by winning two league titles and a single championship of the Egyptian Cup and the Arab Championships, before Rainer Tsubil successive, one of the most famous coaches in the club's history after won five tournaments in three rounds and two Arab elite championships twice, and then Hans Dixie took after 2001 T failed Repetth where not only the Egyptian Cup title was harvested.

Hungarian School is one of the most successful football schools in the history of the Red Castle, thanks to Hidekuti and Tadic, and Tetecush, who won two leagues, the Egyptian League and the Egyptian Cup, while Heidkoti had taken the a team for a total of 7 years between 1973 and 1980, creating a history generation for the Ahlawi club. The current club, Mustapha Younis, Mustafa Abdo, Mokhtar, Mokhtar, Ekrami, the regular champion and other great stars. The team won the 5-time League and the Egyptian Cup once, followed by the Hungarian Kalouchei team, who won two league and cup matches. Magari in the history of the red club, and did not reach the expected success, where he only won two seasons in two terms, one championship league and the other Egyptian Cup


The Portuguese school Manuel Jose is condemning the brightness of the Castle Goch, where the Portuguese foxes have made great successes to become the most important coach in Al-Ahli's club history and eliminates the failure of his Tony Oliveira countries, who achieved the Senior Egypt, but the results fell to him many of his early dismissals, and Jose Peseiro, After a few months, Jose wrote just a great history after Ahli took 20 treasures in three countries in the Citadel Red of 6 championships & alliances, 2 Egyptian Cup, Egyptian 4 Egyptians, 4 African Champions League, 4 Super African, The most celebrated championships with Al Ahly.


Al-Ahly has been the coach of most English coaches in his history, especially Alan Harris, who won 4 tournaments in League 2, the African Cup and the Arab Cup. John McBride won the once-off league title with Red Giant, as well as Curtis Booth, an overseas leading the Red and could not win championships with Al Ahli to be dismissed, and The same thing was for Jeff Butler who failed to perform Fort Fort championships.

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