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Find the price of the euro in Egypt today, Friday, November 20, 2020


The euro exchange rate rebounded against the Egyptian pound today, Friday, November 20, as it dealt with banks and exchange companies in the midst of a balance of supply and demand.

The price of European currency against the Egyptian pound fell today, Friday, to about 18.43 lbs to buy, and about 18.60 lbs for sale, according to a survey conducted by “Al Ain News” on euro rates in 23 bank, during the bank holiday week in Egypt on Fridays and Saturdays.

According to the Central Bank of Egypt screens, the euro exchange rate against the Egyptian pound fell, to about 18.428 pounds for purchase, and about 18.548 pounds for sale, compared to about 18.488 pounds to buy and 18.611 lbs for sale, yesterday, Thursday.

The price of the European currency, in the Egyptian National Bank, fell to around 18.422 lbs to buy and about 18.603 lbs for sale, compared to about 18.475 lbs to buy, and about 18.657 lbs for sale, yesterday.

New funding agreement

The IMF said it reached an expert-level agreement with Egypt after completing the first review to facilitate credit readiness of $ 5.2 billion.

On Thursday, the IMF statement stated that a share of a total of $ 1.6 billion will be paid upon approval by the Fund’s Executive Board.

He said, “Egypt’s economy has performed better than expected despite the Corona pandemic.”

Egypt is the only country in the Middle East and North Africa region achieving a positive growth rate, according to IMF projections.

Cairo has adopted an economic reform plan since 2016, where it has successfully managed markets and managed the collapse of local currencies.

the highest price

The highest price for buying the euro against the Egyptian pound came at 18.48 lbs at two banks, the Arab Investment Bank and the Egyptian Export Development Bank.

The highest selling price of the euro, against the Egyptian pound, came at 18.68 lbs in the Iranian Misr Development Bank.

Price per dollar and sterling

In the Central Bank of Egypt, the dollar price settled against the Egyptian pound, at around 15,576 lbs to buy and about 15.676 lbs for sale.

While the price of sterling fell to about 20.606 lbs to buy, and about 20.732 lbs for sale, compared to about 20.691 lbs for purchase, and about 20.819 lbs for sale, yesterday.

Real prices, dirham, and dinar

The price of a Saudi rupee rose against the Egyptian pound, to about 4.153 lbs to buy, and about 4.1801 lbs for sale, compared to about 4.145 lbs for buy and about 4.180 lbs for sale, at Central Bank prices Egypt.

The Emirati dirham settled at around 4,240 lbs to buy and 4,268 lbs for sale.

While Kuwaiti dinar declined to around 50.905 lbs for purchase, and about 51.303 lbs for sale, compared to about 50.916 lbs for purchase and 51.313 lbs for sale.

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