Thursday , May 19 2022

FilGoal Video News – There is a danger saving points for Chelsea from Wolverhampton in the Deadly Time


Wolverhampton came back from London with a victory over Chelsea, but Eddin Hazard came back at the last minute and saved a green spot.

Chelsea and Wolverhampton are involved in a goal for each team of the 30-round English Premier League.

Raul Jimenez scored first for Wolverhampton, but Eddin Hazard equals Chelsea in the last minute.

Description of the meeting

The first threat was Chelsea. There was a pass to Gonzalo Iguaen in the 11 minutes, but Argentina shot in the defense and turned into a corner.

Chelsea Arsenal did in the 15 minutes. A new pass from Giorgino to Pedro and Spaniard arrives at the post office.

Eguaen shot again in the 19 minutes, but Roy Patricio made this time to the corner, ending the first half.

The second half

Wolverhampton made 1-0 in the 56 minute minute. Diego Gauta and Raul Jimenez scored the only goal of the game.

Chelsea replied

Mauricio Sari interfered to change the Chelsea situation. In the 61 minutes he made the first switch to enter Hudson Odio instead of Pedro.

Then Willian took over from Georgio in the 72 minute minute.

Wolverhampton coach joined Nuno Santo in the minute 81 minutes. Morgan White took over from Diego Gota.

And another changes in the entrance to Adama Traore instead of Jimenez's goal in the 88 minutes.

Eden Hazard did not want the team to lose the points. He took the ball in the 90 minutes at the edge of the box, and then it was a shot from Patricio to finish the game with a pull for each team.

Both teams tied Chelsea up 57 points to five, while Wolverhampton raises 44 points in the seventh.

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