Tuesday , August 9 2022

FilGoal Officially – Hossam Hassan as Smouha's artistic director … Ibrahim as the director of the ball


The Smouha Club officially signed with Hossam Hassan to assume the training of the Alexandrian team to succeed Adel Abdul Rahman.

FilGoal.com has revealed earlier the existence of Hossam Hassan's initial approval for Smouha training after the Faraj Amer talks. (See details)

This is what happened.

Hossam Hassan will be the new Smouha coach with Ibrahim Hassan's presence as the ball manager, for a half and a half, according to club president, Faraj Amer FilGoal.com.

The accompanying device includes Hussam Hassan Tariq Suleiman – General Trainer – Tarek Al-Saeed by Hassan Mustafa – Assistants – Emad Al-Mandwa – Golfer trainer – Walid Badr – Administrative Manager – Mohammed Annan – Head of medical system.

Smouha's experience will be the third for Hussam Hassan this season.

Hossam started the season with Egypt and then moved to Pyramids and is preparing for a trip in Alexandria with Smouha.

The season started with Ali Maher as the team coach, before Maher and Tarek Yahya left the team. Tarek Yahya did not run long enough to contract Adel Abdul Rahman.

Smouha played under Adel Abdel Rahman 4 games and failed to win. He lost twice and twice twice.

Smouha currently occupies the 12th place in the Egyptian league with 25 points of 23 games.

He's ready to face Ismaili on March 12, in the round 25 games of the Egyptian League.

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