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Family Events in Bapco Bahrain Festival for "GT"


No. 27, 2018, equals 19 Rabie Al Awal 1440

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is preparing to host the BITCOME GIT Festival, which will take place this weekend on Friday and Saturday, November 30th and 1st December, and you will be happy to book your seat now. For two consecutive days.
The Jap Bapco Bahrain Festival is a fun and exciting event for all members of the family in terms of racing or recreation.

Showing the "Super Truck Show" With 60 years experience, the Extreme Spectacular Team offers its supporters of mechanical enthusiasm and motorcycle worldwide with a range of tricks that challenge death and pass on excitement. So be prepared to experience the vibration of the ground under your feet using the greatest power and the high round noise of the brutal trucks that excite your enthusiasm with skill and rigorous driving rigor.
Motorcycles are also one of the most exciting events in the world, with the world team breaking the record with various shows across Europe, with a full range of exciting motorcycles and motorcycles two wheels, as well as high jumping shows. Of course, these shows will create a great excitement and a magnet for many people who really like a dangerous adventure, so do not miss the chance to see one of the best bidders in the DU.
Terry Grant and Lee Boers This acrobatic genius, as well as over-control and high precision, will blow your senses away. There will be no room to sit or relax, so try to sit on the edge of your seat to see this combination in a truly incredible way.

Robin Duttle is challenging
Robin Duttle's severity and danger with exciting acrobatics and unexpected performances. The show includes everything – humor, juggling, in a way to find a balance with one hand of 17 feet high in the air. The show lasts 40 minutes with limited equipment such as a Chinese column, hand balance and treatment.
The duo contains two unmatched guitars that are passionate about Spanish and Latin heritage. They have been playing guitar since their childhood and performed with international music festivals, while engaging with the audience with their charming music.
Adam Kadabra from Glasgow, Scotland, Adam is a world musician, although it is different from the regular musicians that can be heard every day. She has a unique and incredible style. Using a technique of the "Lap Tapping" name, it is set on the guitar in its line and clicks firmly on the movements and strings to create a magical sound.
Only 5 Bahraini Dinars are adult and free race tickets for children under 12 years old. Tickets will be available throughout the two days of race, which will continue from the morning to the late fun and excitement of the international races that take part in the race, as well as & # 39; The possibility of presence in the Albadok area, which will be open with the opportunity to meet drivers and teams competing and receiving signatures of the memorial.

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Source: Al-Ayam Newspaper

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