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Europe and the Arab World in Sharm El Sheikh … «Title of Peace»


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Friday 22nd February 2019 – 4:33 PM
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Friday 22nd February 2019 – 4:33 PM

The Sharm El-Sheikh summit will be held to host the most important European Arab event, the first summit of the European Union and European Union, held on Sunday in Sharm el-Sheikh under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and President of the European Council, Donald Tusk. The past, the present and the future.
All European capital letters reports confirm that their level of representation in the summit will not be prevalent in the regional summits. Every indicator of the peace land confirms that this summit will be a new turning point for both sides as governments look forward to launching a new peace platform, On common interest rules.
It is not a coincidence that the Arab and European parties agree that Sharm el-Sheikh would enter this summit and the title the world always sees when who will take a new step with an understanding voice of civilizations to silence the voices of opponents of civilization conflicts. There is no coincidence that Sharm el-Sheikh prays for each country Set its priority on opposing religious extremism and black terrorism.
Although EU Ambassador Ivan Sorcous says that 24 EU leaders are coming to Sharm el-Sheikh, our sources in the British Embassy have reaffirmed that the First Minister, Teresa Mae, will be the forefront of European leaders and who will come to a city of peace as Chancellor Angela Merkel leads the strongest European delegation At the top.
The diplomatic editor of the Middle East News Agency confirms that this intense European presence is at the level of the leaders, although it is a clear indication of the conviction of the international community of the famous political situation of Egypt led by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and & # 39 ; to such an indispensable role for the stability of the region. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly open a new page where foreign tourism to Sharm el-Sheikh will attract an unprecedented momentum.
As Sharm el-Sheikh's eyes and messages to the world and the Arab and European people, the European Union hosted a report emphasizing the connection between Arab and European countries a long history of Strategic links between the two Arab and European Union regional blocks have been strengthened by the desire of both parties to develop cooperation to achieve common aspirations and challenges Including terrorism and illegal immigration.
The report noted that the summit came together for the first time for state and government headquarters, as well as senior Union officials and the Commission, led by Jean -Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and Federica Mujerini, Senior Representative of Foreign and Security Policy, Vice President of the European Commission to promote Arab-European relations. A number of issues and common challenges have been discussed, the most important of them is the timeliness, trade, investment, migration and security as well as the situation in the region.
New challenges set by the regional and international situations on the Arab and European countries in the light of terrorist acts, extremism and increasing migration rates as well as wars, conflicts and instability have motivated both sides to strengthen their cooperation and sign a memorandum An understanding in 2015 to establish a new era of friendly contacts and development.
The report emphasized that Arabians and Europeans had a rich history of cultural, economic, commercial and political exchanges, as well as geographical proximity and interdependence, which helped establish strong EU-EU links.
The European Union emphasized in its report that the common goal, through this framework, is "to develop closer cooperation and achieve common hopes for peace, security and prosperity in both regions".
The report noted regular meetings held by the European Union and the United Arab Emirates at different levels, meetings of high level officials, which are held regularly during the year, where European policy and security ambassadors meet the Permanent Representatives of the Alliance Arab Arabic every year, and holds ministerial meetings at the level of overseas ministers every two years.
The European Union and the United Arab Emirates cooperate through a collaborative and multilateral methodology to deal with the common challenges faced by the parties at different levels, whether political and political, economically, socially, environmentally or safely.
Strong regional co-operation is the basis for finding solutions to current challenges facing European and Arab countries. The European Union and the Alliance of Arab States are committed to promoting multilateralism and an international system based on international law and working towards greater cooperation with the United Nations and African Union. This work has become Senior Representative, Vice President Federica Mujerini, a member of the Quartet Committee on Libya, which also includes three other members (the Alliance of Arab States, the African Union and the United Nations).
The EU and the US Arab League also work together in dealing with a number of UN files such as Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and Global Efforts to Refer to Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons Disregard.
The report noted that this is not limited to that, but both sides are linked to a political dialogue that includes several regional files and subjects that occupy the agenda priorities of the parties, by including the Middle East peace process, the situation in Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, as well as the fight against terrorism and migration; Achieving peace and stability.
The European Union and the United Arab Emirates also work together in the fight against smuggling illegal weapons through an estimated 2.7 billion euro project for capacity building and conventional weapons management training among member states of the United Arab Emirates . Working group on mass destruction weapons, small arms and light weapons And arms in 2015 as part of the strategic debate between the EU and the Arab League of States, where the working group meets regularly to assess the progress of its work.
In its report, the European Union emphasized that the fight against terrorism is a top priority for the Arab and European parties in the light of increasing threats and the common challenges created by terrorism and international extremism, It faces Europe and the Arab world, and makes it necessary for both sides to stand united against terrorism. The Arab States in the global war on terrorism through their joint work to support the efforts of the Global Coalition against the Goods, while respecting human rights, the rule of law and international humanitarian law.
The European Union and the United Arab Emirates, through their strategic dialogue framework, are working to establish working groups to combat terrorism and combat organized crime.
In the area of ​​early warning and emergency response, the European Union has supported the Arab State Alliance emergency response project since 2012, with € 4.4 million helping to prepare the preparation of a Arab League Emergency Room and aims to strengthen the capacity of the Arab League to respond to emergencies.
The European-European relations are not only based on the depth and diversity of historical and geographical lines, but they are also overcome by the increasing dangers of terrorism, tackling illegal immigration and international competition in changing world order. Above the characters to open a new process where both parties share common interests above discrepancies, and it was not surprising after the parties realized that the time had come to a meeting on The co-op of the choosing leaders for the place in Sharm El Sheikh.

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