Thursday , June 30 2022

Emaar Entertainment introduces the first movie destination at Palm Jumeirah with the opening of Real Cinema-The Point


(MENAFN – Editorial) Emaar Entertainment will be the first cinema enthusiast at Palm Jumeirah with the first-class Real-The Point opening, a 5-room facility for 268 people, with latest entertainment technology to make visitors experience Experience great by every standard.

All the suite rooms have Barco Laser and Dolby Atoms, which offer an unprecedented experience. The Reel Cinemas-Point has 2 Premier rooms and three cinema halls where guests can enjoy a selection of well-known chemist movie films Guy Vieri.

As well as the food and traditional drinks available in the Premier rooms, visitors to dining rooms and the restaurant can choose their favorite "Guy Fieri" meals such as "Trash Can Nachos", "Tuna Boki Takeoz ", Chicken Chicken, Crispy Shirt Beef, Chimney Burgers, Cheese, Mint Pipes and much more.

As well as enhancing eating options at Palm Jumeirah, Emaar Entertainment also offers a Guy Fieri Restaurant, equipped with 100 people welcome, with a rich food menu, traditional juice and cocktail of America. The restaurant welcomes all visitors, including those who want to have a delicious meal without watching movies in the cinema, and it is expected to enjoy destinations for those who are gourmet. Looking to eat the most delicious food in a great social setting.

The Reel Cinemas – The Point is a partnership between Emaar Entertainment and Nakheel, offering Palm Jumeirah residents and visitors with experience of world class entertainment with distinctive eating options.

Reel Cinemas currently has five other locations in Dubai: Reel Cinema – Dubai Mall, with 26 halls; Reel Cinema – Dubai Marina Mall; The complex has 7 halls; The first children's room, and the Real Reel Cinema Boutique at the Downtown Rove Hotel, one of the first halls, Cinema within a hotel in the UAE. It is proposed to launch new REIL Cinemas in crucial locations in Dubai and in some of the most important cities in the region.

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