Thursday , January 28 2021

Education: The tablets are now in 10 border governments and Cairo Fawr

Education: The tablets are now in 10 border governments and Cairo Fawr Engineer Ahmed Daher, an assistant education minister for information technology, said the distribution of the tablets for students in the first secondary degree will start next week at the start of the second term. He explained that the tablets are now 10 border governors as well as the governance of Cairo Grand.
In a telephone interview on "dmc" on "dmc" satellite, Dahir said Monday, after the student received the tablets, he will receive the tab and receive training on the use of tablets and how it can access the content on the Knowledge Bank.
The Assistant Minister for Technology Information Technology said that there will be an experiment to use tablets in the exams in March next to ensure that students and teachers receive their training and correction through mechanical correction centers, and the test will be next May on the tab.
Dr. took Tareq Shawqi, Minister of Education and Technical Education, took part in the tenth meeting of the Education Council for the Arab Reading Challenge Project last Saturday in the presence of Najla Saif Al-Shamasi, General Secretary of the Arab Reading Challenge Project and representatives of & # 39; The Education Council of the Arab World.
During his speech, Shawki expressed his admiration for the Arabic Reading Challenge Project, which promotes Arabic in the Arab world.
Shawky explained the new educational philosophy used in Egypt to primary 2.0 nursery and first grade schools, as well as the development of the current public secondary system 1.1, which aims to change the student's thinking of conservation to understand.
In the same context, the Minister mentioned the access of networks and electronic infrastructure to every first secondary school across the Republic, which will provide rich student content through the Bank Knowledge of Egypt, as well as the distribution of "tablets "for students at the beginning of the second semester.
Shawky has visited the Egyptian Knowledge Bank since its inception in 2015. The Information Bank has more than 30 leading publishers in addition to scientific journals and textbooks to be a tool to make our society learn .
In addition, Shawki welcomed the possibility of including Arab countries in the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, especially after Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum introduced the Dubai Digital Library to the Egyptian Bank Bank, and discussed the possibility of co-operation between Bank Egyptian Information and the Arabic Reading Challenge Project.

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